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How to get baby to sleep in bassinet [5 Easy Tips]

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Bassinet

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Do you want to know how to get your baby to sleep in a bassinet? Are you also one of those who face this issue? Do you want your baby to sleep peacefully on a bassinet? If all of these are your issues, this is the perfect place to land on. We understand that initially, it is quite hard to help baby sleep in a bassinet. But, here, we will help you know how to get baby to sleep in the bassinet with ease.

Kids are sensitive and need to be treated with care. So, to help you make your kid sleep into a bassinet, we are going to introduce you to some of the most effective ways. Here, we will not only educate you about making a kid sleep in a bassinet, but we will guide you about some of the core reasons that prevent a kid from sleeping in it.

So, have a deep insight into letting the kid sleep in a bassinet with ease, follow this article to the end.

Why is it important to put your baby in a bassinet?

Why is it important to put your baby in a bassinet?

Provision of comfort to babies

During the past five years, we have raised two of our kids, and for their comfortable sleep, we found nothing better than a bassinet. It is durable, comfortable, and above all, our kids had their own bed where no one would disturb them. So, the reason we choose bassinet over any other product is because of its comfort provision.

Safety while sleeping: The best part of a bassinet

If you have tried sleeping with your newborn on a bed, you will agree with how unsafe it is. However, with a bassinet, there is no safety-related issue that you will face. So, if you are having second thoughts about having a bassinet, then we suggest you go for it. It is the safest place for your newborn to sleep in.

Space-saving and easy to access

One of the best things about bassinet is that they acquire very little space and are easy to access. Even if you are sleeping on your bed, you can have a clear check of your baby. So, for space-saving and keeping your kid in front of your eyes, bet on a bassinet.

The reason why your baby does not sleep in a bassinet

Many parents don’t know why their baby won’t sleep in a bassinet or crib. The reason is not because the baby is scared or uncomfortable with the new environment, but because they are used to hearing your voice and heartbeat when they are in your womb. The stomach also moves up and down with each breath you take, which lulls them to sleep. But let’s explore this topic in depth below.

Hunger kills a baby’s sleep

The main reason why your kid is unable to sleep in a bassinet is hunger. So, whenever your kid is unable to sleep or starts crying suddenly, make sure that they are well fed. A kid’s hunger is one of those things that, as parents, we need to gauge. So, always feed your newborn properly and will help them sleep well.

A wet diaper will never let the baby sleep.

Most of the time, we forget to change the diaper of our kids, and this disturbs their sleep. Therefore, every time you put your kid into a bassinet, make sure that they are wearing a dry and new diaper. Try this out, and your baby’s all sleep-related issues will be resolved.

Habit: Baby cries when put in bassinet

In the early days, kids are used to sleeping in their parent’s lap while being held. So, if you are trying to move them directly to the bassinet, there is no way that they are going to sleep. For this, you will have to prepare them and make sleeping a habit. Though it will take time, it is one of the most useful and easy to do methods. Along with it, make sure to let your kid into the bassinet during the daytime too.

Startle reflex may also be one of the main reason

The startle reflex is one of the most common things in newborns. In the early days of a child’s birth, they are quite sensitive to sound and movement, leading them to startle reflexes. In simple terms, when a kid suddenly wakes up in response to a movement or sound, it is called startle reflex.

It is one of the most worrying things for us as parents. So, if this is the reason for your baby’s sleeplessness in the bassinet, put a soft blanket or a scarf over them. It would help to reduce the chances of the startle reflex.

Destructive interference: Noise in the room

Sound has two interferences. One is constructive that we call the soothing or synchronized sound and the other one is destructive. In most of the cases, the destructive interference or a sound and unbearable sound becomes the main reason for a baby’s sleeplessness in a bassinet.

Hence, while your baby is trying to sleep into a bassinet, make sure to avoid producing any sort of sound. It would help, and you would surely learn how to put the baby into the bassinet.

5 Ways to make your baby sleep in a bassinet

A lot of methods would enrich you, such as how to train a baby to sleep in a bassinet. However, below we will introduce you to those 5 methods which will do wonders while making your baby sleep into the bassinet. So, follow these steps and help your kid sleep peacefully.

1. Swaddling: The best way to help baby sleep

We all know the benefits of swaddling for our kids. But, today, most parents avoid swaddling, and this affects their kids in many ways. But, the thing that it impacts the most is the sleep of your kid. Swaddling allows your kid to avoid startle reflexes and be colicky.

It clearly means that with swaddling, you can guarantee peaceful sleep to your kids. Therefore, for making a kid sleep in the bassinet, swaddling is the best tool a parent will ever have.

2. Play soothing music: Let your baby relax

For some people, soothing and melodious music is the key element for sleep. So, why are you not trying it with your kid? What you need to do is put your kid into the bassinet and play some soothing and relaxing music in the room. Put the light on dim and reduce the noise to the lowest. Practice this thing for as long as 5 to 10 minutes, and your baby will surely fall asleep.

3. Red light therapy might do wonders for you

Red light is considered one of the best types of light for making anyone sleep, especially babies. The red-colored light helps to release melatonin in the human body that makes you drowsy. So, no matter how much your kid tries to resist, they will fall asleep. So, what you need to do is install a dim red light in your room and help your kid sleep with peace and comfort.

4. Massage your kid before sleep

We all know that massaging your kid on a regular basis is important for their muscular and bone growth. But, very few understand that massaging a kid also helps to make them sleep quickly. So, if your kid is resisting sleeping into a bassinet and you have tried all possible methods, try massaging them, especially the sole of their feet. Doing this would help them relax, and they would fall asleep quicker than they usually do.

5. Make a bedtime routine: An effective tool

In the early days of birth, kids have no bedtime routine, and this is one of the main reasons for their resistance to sleep into a bassinet. So, for this, what you need to do is make a proper bedtime routine for your kid and adjust them accordingly.

While doing this, you will have to keep your kid awake during the daytime, and this may be hectic. But, once your kid has a bedtime routine so no matter what the place is, they will sleep with ease.

Final word

If you wanted to know how to get a baby to sleep in the bassinet, this article must have helped you a lot. Here, we have guided you to the best about helping a kid sleep into a bassinet. Along with it, the article has also highlighted some of the key elements that refrain your kid from sleeping into a bassinet. So, anyone who follows the above-given methods would be able to help their kid sleep in a bassinet with ease.

Parents Also Ask

At what age should I move my kid into a bassinet?

Bassinets are the best place to sleep for newborns until they are at least four to six months old. A newborn is good to sleep in a bassinet. However, while they are getting older, you need to ensure that the bassinet is not getting short for them.

How to get a baby to sleep on a bassinet?

For this, you can either swaddle your kid, massage them a bit, or even you can let them sleep in your arms, and they shift them to the bassinet. These are the methods that most parents use for making their kids sleep in a bassinet.

Can a newborn sleep in a bassinet?

Yes, it can. A bassinet is designed for newborns only. So, if you are thinking of getting a bassinet for your newborn, go for it.

What to do when the baby only sleeps when held?

This is something that we personally experienced. For this, swaddling is the best option. When you swaddle a baby, they feel like being held. So, swaddle your kid and lay them into the bassinet; they will feel the same as they are being held.

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