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What color light helps babies sleep? [Solved]

What Color Light Helps Babies Sleep

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Being a parent, one of the hardest tasks is taking care of your kid during night hours. Not knowing what color light helps babies sleep or irritates them makes things harder for parents at night. It is something that, like us, most of the parents must have faced even at the middle of the night. So, would you like your baby to sleep early? If yes, we have a solution for you. Here we will guide you in detail about the light colors and their relationship with your baby’s sleep. You will also come to know what color light helps babies sleep and whatnot.

So, if you really want your kid to sleep early and have proper sleep hours, this is the article to follow. Below you will find everything related to baby sleep and their relation with the lights of their surroundings.

Red light: Why do we use it while sleeping?

Having the highest wavelength and lowest frequency, red light is considered the calmest light on the planet earth. With a wavelength varying from 620 to 750 nm, red light tends to be the best light to help your baby sleep.

It reduces eye tension and relaxes your body. Along with it, the calmness brought by the red light is something that you and your baby would surely love to stay in. Also, red light helps you release some of the relaxing hormones from your body. It makes you relaxed and drowsy.

All in all, red light or light having a reddish shade helps a baby or even an adult to sleep quickly.

5 benefits of using red light for sleep

Sleeping in a room with light has a lot of benefits in general. However, if you ask about a baby and the benefits of sleeping in red light, below are listed four of the most common benefits.

1. It helps to overcome the fear of darkness

According to a study conducted in Denmark in 2019, 16% of people feel uncomfortable while waking up in a dark room. So, how would you imagine your baby waking up in a dark room? We may not know, but some of the babies develop Nyctophobia at a very early age. So, using light and especially a dim red light while sleeping, may help your kid stay calm.

Not only this, but if you continue this practice religiously, it is quite possible that your kid gradually overcomes the fear of darkness if they had it.

2. Keeps the environment calm and relaxed

As discussed above, red light, due to its higher wavelength, keeps the environment calm and relaxing. So, if you are using a red light in your room for sleeping, it will keep the baby calm and increase their sleeping hours.

It is possible that the baby may wake up during the night hours. So, if you are using a red light, it will keep them calm, and they won’t fear anything as soon as they open their eyes.

3. Projects the vibes of sunset

We all love to witness the sunset. It is calm, relaxing and we feel comfortable witnessing it. The same goes with red light. When we use a low-voltage red light lamp while sleeping, it will project the environment of a sunset.

It is something that your baby would surely love, and it will allow them to stay calm. In short, a red light will keep your baby calm and comfortable.

4. Aggravated melatonin production

Melatonin is the hormone which helps you fall asleep. It is suggested and researched that using red light while sleeping releases a good amount of melatonin. It is fine enough to help you sleep early. Along with it, the release of melatonin due to the red light effect enhances the sleep hours of your kid.

We all know that kids need more sleep than adults. So, using red light will release enough melatonin that will keep your baby relaxed, and they will sleep more. Lastly, these lights offer a great look to your child’s room.

5. Good for baby’s eyes

We told you before that red light has a higher wavelength. So, light with a high wavelength will keep your baby’s eye safer than light with a lower wavelength. Therefore, if you want your baby to sleep quickly, stay calm, and their eyes are protected, use a reddish light in their room. In addition, it improves the production of melatonin helping your kid sleep better.

What color lights should not be used for baby sleep?

Blue light is what keeps you fresh and demands a quick reaction. During the daytime, there is no better light than blue light. It helps you stay fresh and active. However, during late hours, blue is the worst color to use in your room.

Using blue light while sleeping would be the biggest mistake you will ever make. It would reduce the melatonin release and keep you awake. So, it is clear that if you want your kid to sleep quickly and stay calm, you will have to avoid using blue light.

Along with it, you must also keep in mind that you will never use night lights to make your kid sleep. Any light that is bright may affect your kid’s eye, and also, they will find it hard to sleep under bright light. So, even if you are using a reddish light, make sure it is dim and soothing for your baby.

Final word

To summarize, we are good to say that this article would have guided you the best that color light helps babies sleep. Above, we have schooled you about the best light you may use to make your baby sleep. Along with it, we have ensured that you use the right type of light and avoid those lights that reduce the melatonin content. However, if you need any other help, feel free to ask. We would love to resolve your issue.

Parents Also Ask

Why should I not keep my room dark while sleeping?

Fear of darkness is the most common thing among babies. It is something that may affect their health and lead to severe circumstances. We all know that babies wake up so much during the night, and if they wake up in the dark, it may affect their health. Also, naturally most of the babies are afraid of the dark. So, if you want your kid to stay away from any fear, you will have to use some light in the room as light therapy.

Can orange light help the baby sleep?

Yes, it may. Orange light or a light that is close to red would help your baby sleep. Or you may also say that any dim light with a higher wavelength would help your baby sleep well. Moreover, both orange and reddish light work well for light therapy and improves child sleep.

What colors are best to help a baby sleep?

Orange and red are the best colors that you may use to help your kid sleep. They project a dim environment, their wavelength is high, and above all, they do not affect your eyes like other colors of light. They also helps to regularize the circadian rhythm.

Can blue light help the baby sleep?

No, it will never. White and blue light is used to keep a baby fresh and active. So, if you are using blue light, you will find it hard to help your baby sleep. Therefore, you must not use blue light to make your kid sleep. It might ruin your child’s sleep and affect the circadian rhythm.

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