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Do Crib Sheets Fit Pack n Play? [Mom Advice]

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When any parent buys a Pack ‘n Play, the question of whether they should buy new sheets for it or not is inevitable since many parents believe they can reuse crib sheets for their baby’s play yard as well. Since the sheets for baby products usually seem made of similar cloth and are generally of a rather smaller size than usual adult sheets, many parents become confused about how to use them and whether they are needed or not. 

Well, if you also need clarification about similar questions, let me answer a few of your most asked questions regarding sheets for your baby’s Pack n Play and whether crib sheets can be used for them or not

Do crib sheets fit Pack n Play?

No, Crib sheets are not made for pack and play’s and do not fit them. These sheets have very different dimensions and are not made for interchangeable use.

Can I use crib sheets for Pack n Play?

I do not recommend using the crib sheet you have over your pack ‘n play mattress, as it will not fit perfectly. The sheets for both the Pack and the crib may sometimes feel similar in their texture, yet they are not designed to be multi-purpose. 

The main reason is that crib mattresses tend to be thicker and larger, usually measuring about 28-30 inches wide and 9 -10 inches deep.

In comparison, most pack-and-play mattresses are usually less deep and thinner.

These variations in sizes do not allow the same sheets to be used for both products.

❓ Can I use mini crib sheets for Pack’ n Play?

Sometimes the sheets of mini cribs are somewhat similar in size to Pack n’ Play, yet using them interchangeably can prove to be dangerous for your baby, and the baby’s safety should always come first!

Even the smallest differences in fittings can cause the baby to slip and potentially harm himself. It may also cause sleep-related causes of infant death (SIDS).

But many brands have now started to provide mini crib sheets that can perfectly fit Pack n Plays. So the rule of thumb is to use mini crib sheets only if the brand itself has specified that they fit pack ‘n plays too.

Should I use sheets for Pack n Play?

It is always a good idea to buy a sheet for your baby’s Pack-n-Play so that your baby can have a comfortable and hygienic time while being protected from any harshness of the mattress. As someone with experience of using pack-and-play mattresses, I highly recommend using sheets to ensure your little one stays comfortable and protected. Here are the key reasons why:


Sheets protect the mattress from dirt, dust, and allergens, which can be particularly important for babies prone to allergies.

Easy cleaning: Sheets are easy to remove and wash in the machine, making them a more convenient option than cleaning the entire pack-and-play mattress. Furthermore, the sheets over the mattress will ensure that any accident, like a bottle or diaper leak, can easily be managed without fuss.


Good sheets help regulate your baby’s temperature and absorb sweat, making sure they stay comfortable during naps and playtime.

Convenience: Having multiple sheets means you don’t have to worry about constantly putting a blanket on the mattress whenever you use the playpen.


Pack-and-play sheets are also great when traveling, making it easy to provide a clean and comfortable sleeping space for your little one.

How do I choose a sheet for a Pack n Play? [Buying Guide]

Choosing the right pack-n-play sheet for your baby is crucial to ensure their safety and comfort. Here are the key things to keep in mind when selecting the sheet:

Perfect size

It is essential to select a sheet that fits snugly and does not come loose, as sheets that are too big or small can be dangerous. Before purchasing pack n play sheets, you should measure the mattress to select the correct size. I also recommend reading about the conventional dimensions of the pack and play here.


Choose a soft and comfortable fabric such as cotton, flannel, or jersey knit. Quilted or plush top sheets provide extra comfort and support for your baby.

Elastic banding: Some sheets come with elastic banding around the edges to help keep them in place on the mattress. These sheets are one of my favorite things as I don’t have to keep worrying about the sheet coming loose while my baby plays.

Ease of cleaning

Make sure to check the instructions before purchasing sheets to ensure they are machine-washable and dryer-safe for convenience. This will reduce cleaning time and hassle.


Lastly, sheets for a pack-and-play can come in various designs, such as floral, animal, or geometric prints. Choosing a design that goes with the nursery is an excellent way to personalize your baby’s sleeping area. 

Overall, when shopping for crib sheets for a portable crib, be sure to prioritize safety, comfort, and quality attributes. 

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Summing up…

While it may be tempting to use any sheet for your baby’s Pack ‘n Play, it’s important to prioritize safety and comfort. Using sheets that are specifically designed for Pack ‘n Plays is the best way to ensure both. When selecting a sheet, be sure to choose one that fits well, feels comfortable to the touch, and is easy to clean. Several great options are available in the market, a few of which I have mentioned, that are safe and designed to fit your baby’s Pack ‘n Play perfectly. As a parent, it’s important to prioritize our children’s safety and comfort, even when it comes to seemingly small details like sheets.

Parents Also Ask

Are pack and play sheets safe?

Yes, Pack and Play sheets are safe as they are designed to fit the same way as regular crib sheets. It’s important to ensure that the sheets fit snugly and cannot be easily pulled off by your baby to avoid potential safety risks. Using a material soft for your baby’s skin is also essential to avoid rashes. 

How to find the best crib sheets for a portable crib?

The top tip is always to find a sheet that fits perfectly to the mattress. For this, take the dimensions of your mattress, and measure them against the dimensions on the online store or the packaging if you are buying it in person. Additionally, consider the material to find the softest match for your baby. 

Can I use waterproof pack and play sheets?

Yes. Waterproof Pack and Play sheets can be used to protect the mattress from spills and accidents. When selecting a waterproof sheet, be sure to choose a safe material for your baby’s skin that won’t cause any irritation or allergies. 

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We promise to never SPAM your inbox. Check our Privacy Policy.