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How long can baby sleep in pack n play?

How Long Can Baby Sleep In Pack N Play?

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Pack n plays are a staple item for many parents when it comes to providing a secure and comfortable space for their little ones. Acting as both a play area and a temporary sleeping space, these products offer a range of benefits, including durability, affordability, versatility, and style. However, as your child grows, you may find yourself wondering about questions like the appropriate time to stop using the pack n play or how long can your baby sleep in a pack n play. 

At the end of the day, a child’s safety and well-being are any parent’s top priority and answering these questions can prove to be an integral part of keeping your child safe in their pack n play. Thus, in this blog, we will dive into these questions, so you can make a well-thought decision about how long your baby can sleep in their pack and play. 

How Long Can Baby Sleep In Pack N Play?

There is no certain time limit for how long a baby can sleep in a pack n play. You can rely on it as the main sleeping arrangement for your infant from birth until they outgrow the play yard.

Yet there are certain guidelines through which you can decide when it’s the best time for your baby to stop sleeping in a pack n play. 

Weight and height limit

We highly recommend you look for the age and size limits provided by the manufacturer. The dimensions of the pack and play and its bassinet should be taken into consideration when buying the pack n play. Most pack n plays are designed for babies up to around 30 pounds, with the height limit ranging from 34 to 35 inches. Babies usually reach this weight and height  limit within the age of 2.5 – 4 years, but every child is different, and when deciding whether your baby can continue to sleep in their pack n play, make sure to specifically consider your baby’s height and weight. 

Weight and height Limit in a Bassinet

If you are utilizing the bassinet feature in the pack n play, it is important to note that there is a difference and typically, a weight limit of 15 to 20 pounds is given, varying by the specific model of the pack n play. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the playard’s floor is capable of adequately supporting your baby’s weight, particularly as they grow more active. These weight limits will vary depending on the product, so parents should always check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Sidewall’s height and strength

The sidewall height and strength should also be considered, as this will affect how secure the pack n play is for their baby. The playard’s height limit ensures that as your baby grows, they remain safe and secure while enjoying a comfortable sleeping environment. It further ensures that when a baby wakes up while sleeping, they do not fall out if they try to move or come out of it. 

Overall, it is important to keep in mind the age limit, height limit, weight limit, and dimensions of the pack n play when deciding if it is still appropriate for their baby. The CPSC has also given certain guidelines of the dimensions of a standard pack and play that most of the popular and reliable brands follow and, thus, can help us determine the age of our baby and when they should stop using it. 

Is Pack n Play a safe sleeping place?

A pack n play is a safe space for your baby to sleep in; many parent’s even use it as a primary sleeping space for their babies. As long as you follow certain guidelines, you should not worry in regards to your baby falling asleep in their play yard. 


We always recommend that you use fitted sheets designated for the mattress of your pack n play. Loose sheets, such as crib sheets on the pack n play can cause your baby to suffocate while sleeping. 

Extra bedding

Extra beddings are always a big no from us when you put your baby in the pack n play. The cozy and fluffy blankets might seem cute with your baby but they can cause  SIDS and thus should never be kept in the pack n play. 

Pack n play’s structure

Before you put your baby to sleep, ensure that the product is assembled perfectly and does not have any loose parts. 

✨ Is is safe for a newborn to sleep in a Pack and Play?

Yes, it is completely safe for a newborn to sleep in a pack and play when the guidelines mentioned above are followed. Many parents even utilize pack n plays as their newborn’s primary sleeping place. Overall, pack n plays are safe for newborns till they reach age 4-5, depending on the brand and size.

How much time can a baby sleep in a Pack n Play?

The amount of time a baby can sleep in a pack n play varies depending on their age, comfort, and developmental stage. Newborns can sleep in a pack n play for extended periods, as it can serve as their primary sleeping arrangement. However, as the baby grows and becomes more active, it is important to assess their comfort and safety. We have seen that as babies get older, they become more active and smaller pack n plays may become a constraining place for them to sleep in. 

When should you stop using a pack n play?

The two main things to notice when deciding this are to see when the condition of the pack n play and the comfortability level of your child. When you see that your pack n play is getting worn out due to use or damage, it’s best to stop using it as, for us, children’s comfortability always comes first.

The second thing to keep in mind is your child’s age and activity level. Most products are designated for newborns to children of age 4, with a weight limit of 30- 40 pounds. When your child reaches any of these milestones (Or the designated weight and age limit or your specific product), it’s time to consider stopping using the pack n plays. 

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Summing up…

In conclusion, pack n plays serve as a safe and versatile sleeping solution for newborns and infants. While there is no specific time limit, it’s important to consider factors such as weight and height limits, bassinet usage, sidewall height and strength, and the overall condition of the pack n play.

Always prioritize your baby’s comfort and safety when determining how long they can sleep in a pack n play.

Following the recommended guidelines and avoiding loose bedding or extra padding will ensure a secure sleeping environment.

Remember, each child is unique, so observe their developmental milestones and assess their comfort level to make an informed decision about when to transition from a pack n play to another sleeping arrangement.

Parents Also Ask

Can my baby suffocate in a pack and play?

While pack n plays are a safe space for your baby, there is a risk of suffocation if you put extra bedding, loose sheets and other unwanted things in it. Pack n plays are completely safe if you follow the guidelines and do not put any extra stuff in them.

When to lower pack n play mattress?

The right time to lower the mattress in a pack and play depends on your baby’s developmental milestones and mobility. As a generaPack and plays do not expire. However, there comes a time when you should stop using them.

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