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5 Best Bassinet for Twins in a family [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Bassinet For Twins

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Like most expectant twin parents, you might have spent a lot of time planning your newborn’s sleeping arrangements. Twins are double everything – double to joy, the expense, and the hassle. This is real when it comes to deciding the best baby bassinet, which includes many decisions to be made that are needed for single babies.

After all, as a new mother, you want your babies to have a peacefulnao, and making room for them seems a whole different ball game. You want to know is: can twins share a bassinet? We would say that it’s OK to share in the beginning, as they have grown in the womb together, and they feel safe, comforting, and calming that way.

They are “wombmates,” so sharing their bassinets seems logical! And you will nap peacefully knowing that the twins are safe in their twin co-sleepers. As with the choices of bassinets for twins, there are some differences between brands, and choosing the best double Bassinet for twins could be a pesky task.

We have made a roundup post on the best twin co-sleepers, and we think an excellent twin bassinet must have a safe surface, a convenient design, a sturdy base, and an attractive appearance. Some of the top brands that provide the same are listed, and we have also gathered tips from experts to build up this post.

Best Bassinets for Twins

Our editorial team researches the list of best bassinets for twins. We looked at the popular ones available to ensure they fit the safer sleep guidelines.

#  Image  Model  Features   Our Rating  
1. Halo Twin Bassinet Halo Twin BassiNest Sleeper ✔️Adjustable Height
✔️Storage pockets
✔️360 – degree swivel
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
2. Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Bassinet for Twins, Vance Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Bassinet for Twins ✔️Changing mat
✔️Waterproof mattress
✔️Easy to move
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
3. Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins ✔️Spacious 
✔️Approved by JPMA
✔️Adjustable height
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
4. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center ✔️Changing table 
✔️Music system
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
5. Joovy Room2 Joovy Room2 ✔️Cot style system
✔️Lockable wheels
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon

1. Halo Twin BassiNest Sleeper

This square-shaped ultra-practical Halo BassiNest twin sleeper is the most reviewed and rated product. The Halo twin BassiNest is the hottest ticket among twin parents. This twin bassinet can be set up next to your bed and comes with a 360 – degree swivel for easy access. It also comes with a drop–down side, vibrations, and a nursing timer. Probably this might be the only twin bassinet that comes with these features. 

This space-saving twin bassinet also comes with a netting side walls like other products available for twins and one of the best bassinets for twins. It holds approximately 35 x 35 inches on both waterproof mattress pads with double fitted sheets. There is also a divider in the middle that allows your twins to sleep in their spaces.  

When it comes to reaching over and picking up, the walls can be lowered and brought back up with ease so that you can take care of both from the comfort of your bed. The product is safe and comfortable for the babies and its an easy access for moms still recovering from a C- Sec. In contrast, there are loads of others, not many like the Halo twin bassinets.

The Halo BassiNest has a reminder that reminds you to wake up and put the baby back to nap if you fall asleep while nursing. The base is sturdy and can be fitted under the bed and prevents tipping; the product can be adjusted to a 22 – 23 inches height range.

You can use this bassinet for babies until they are 20 pounds or five months old. Remember that consider moving them to their cribs once the babies start to roll. There are also a couple of sheets, mattresses, and storage pockets where you can stack the diapers and burp cloths.

Though the product is a little pricey, it offers incredible value and features for the buck you invested.

Also, the product is awarded as the “Best for baby bassinet” by Parents and the best handy bedside sleeper by Good Housekeeping parenting awards.

Reasons to buy

  • Walls can be lowered when needed 
  • The halo bassinet comes with intelligent features
  • There are four levels of adjustments in the base 
  • The mattresses are easy to clean 
  • It comes with storage facilities to keep baby’s stuff

Reasons to avoid

  • Heavy hence moving around becomes problematic with the halo bassinet twin sleeper

Final Verdict

The Halo Twin bassinet is an excellent product to consider, as it can swivel and rotate 360 – degrees and comes with a soothing center as well. There are also patented bedside walls and breathable mesh walls for optimal airflow.

2. Graco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet

This Bassinet for twins works like a bed-like sidecar. It works perfectly at the beginning of a few months until the twins rest in the cribs. This twin bassinet can also be used for travel after you plan to shift them to a room or a nursery. If you are looking for a feature-loaded bassinet for your newborn, then the Graco Pack n Play is the one that you need to pick. The design suits the twins and offers them a comfortable sleeping area if you look closely.

The sides are covered with soft cotton, making it a cozy and peaceful place for them to nap and snooze. Both the bassinets are removable and can be converted into a play yard. There are also two handy sheets and mattress pads that come with a fitted carrying bag which allows for hassle-free travel and storage.

This freakish crafted twin bassinet has a sleek and curved frame, giving that modern and contemporary touch for its look. The frame is made of aluminum and ensures durability while lessening the weight of the Bassinet. There is also plastic detailing which adds an appealing look to the Bassinet.

The weight limit of this product is 15lbs and 30lbs for its changing station. The Graco Pack n play playard twin bassinets doesn’t come with an extra sheet, so you need to buy a separate one as you deal with twins. The Bassinet must be clean and tidy for your baby from allergies and other fatal infections caused by poor hygiene.

The Graco Twin Pack and Play includes a waterproof mattress made of high–quality fabric, but I would suggest you buy an extra pair of them to protect it from wear and tear. What more? There is also a see-through mesh fabric that keeps the Bassinet ventilated to increase the airflow. This prevents asphyxiation and suffocation, and most pediatricians recommend buying bassinets with mesh.

The product is thoughtfully designed and comes in two shades, Mason and Vance. Most twin parents love the feature that it comes wheel for easy transportation. Unlike other bassinets, you cannot fold after assembling the product, but you can fold them and pack them in the bag that comes along whenever you want.

Overall the product is helpful for new moms and comes with essential features required for your twins. The only drawback of these twin bassinets cribs is that they don’t have a storage pocket or a soothing kit. So you cannot rock a bye your twins.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with wheels for easy movement and an excellent choice if you are looking for a pack n play playard
  • Spacious enough bassinets for the twins
  • It is easy to fold and store 
  • It is super compact and works perfectly for twin babies

Reasons to avoid

  • Bassinets are not separated 
  • Not easy to use 

Final Verdict

With all features, the product has been overwhelmingly positive and considered as one of the best twin bassinets available. It is mainly seen as a best-pack n play recently. This one is a standout among the best ones available at this cost. How you can convert it to a playpen makes sure that it will be an excellent addition to your little one for a long time. 

3. Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins

An affordable bassinet for twins that comes with all the features needed. It comes with an adjustable height and offers a spacious place for the twins to doze that keeps them closer and snuggle. This two Bassinets is not just a safe option but also comfortable for babies. And it comes with spacious storage pockets on the side that allows you to store your essentials.

The Simmons Kids BedCity is also approved by JPMA like other bassinets from the same brand and meets all safety standards. I love the product the most because it is super safe for the baby’s skin and has feet that are easy to slide under the bed.

Even if there isn’t much space under the bed, you can still use it by minimizing the foot length. I would rather say that this is the best space-saving Bassinet and comes with a wheel for easy transportation and has a Z–shaped frame. It has a sleek and modern design and a grey color with a beautiful accent. The walls are made with mesh fabric and polyester, enabling airflow like other brands.

A divider also allows the twin to zizz comfortably and can accommodate up to 15 pounds or five months of age. The Bassinet also comes with a mattress , and a matching sheet that can be machine washed easily. There are also ample pockets on the sides to keep baby products.

The feature that is loved the most is its adjustable height levels. They enable you to set them at eye level and comfortable height that will not strain as you pick them up or put them to sleep. If you are looking for an essential and practical product, I would suggest you go for the Simmons BedCity, but if you are looking for a bassinet that can also be used as a play yard or a changing table, then choose Graco pack n play.

Reasons to buy

  • This twin bassinet is sturdy, and comes with an adjustable features for to 5 different levels
  • The mattress is firm and offers a safe sleeping space
  • It comes with extra storage pockets on the sides 
  • Include wheels that make the product move easy
  • It comes with mesh sides like other products 

Reasons to avoid

  • The bassinet leans to one side
  • The mesh area could have been spacious to see the baby

Final Verdict

Unlike other bassinets, the Simmons kids by the Bed City Sleeper have pockets, and it’s easy to move around with its wheels. If you are in search for a bassinet with adjustable heights that enable you to attach the seats or beds easily, I would suggest you go for this one. This product can weigh up to 15 pounds and is suitable from birth.

4. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

The following product on the list is the Baby Trendy Go Lite bassinet for the twins that offer you an all–in–one feature. This is an excellent option if you wish to buy the one that comes feature-loaded, and it is equipped with all parenting multiples could ever buy in the market.

The Baby Trend Go Lite is a baby trend twin nursery center that can be used as a play yard, changing table, and standalone Bassinet, depending on your needs. There is also a music center with soothing sounds and nature sounds to calm your twins.

To make the carrying process more accessible, a handle over the canopy enables easy lifting. If you are looking for a twin sleeper bassinet with a parent organizer, this particular one comes with extra storage for essentials.

Like the music system, it also comes with a couple of toys to keep babies entertained. Not to forget the canopy that comes with the twin bassinet to keep them protected from light. You can easily open and close when needed.

Apart from the features, the interior of the Bassinet is made of plush fabric and mesh sides to let air circulate. All bassinets have this feature, such as the Baby Trend Go Lite.

You also get these in various patterns and colors like circle tech, drip drop, goodnight forest, quarry, and shale. The price range might vary depending on the way you choose. The only drawback of this twin bassinets product is that it could be time-consuming to assemble and disassemble and is not an ideal choice for travel. Apart from this, I would say that this is an excellent product to invest in for the twins that can be used past the lifespan of the basic one.

Reasons to buy

  • The bassinet can double as a rocker as well
  • Easy to move as it has wheels 
  • The product is super light, portable and easy to fold and store
  • You can altogether remove the Bassinet when needed 
  • This bassinet can also be used as a playard

Reasons to avoid

  • To use the changing table you need to remove any one of the bassinet

Final Verdict

Without any doubt, this product is a multi – functioning bassinet, and it helps you in a lot of ways. The product is tested and verified and makes sure that the twins are safe inside it. As the Bassinet can also be used changing table, you don’t have to purchase one separately in the market. So you can save a lot of money.

5. Joovy Room2

The Joovy Room 2 twin nursery center one is a bit different from the other products mentioned above and one of the best bassinets for twins. It comes with a changing table a simple nursery center and can be used as a simple cot–style product. This double bassinet can hold up to 30 pounds and is equipped with a removal center divider.

Considering the size, you can fold it into a compact package. It has a lockable wheel on the side, making wheeling around a breeze. The only difference is that you need to buy the play yard component separately and might cost you around $120. This product is the top-rated model that also grows with the twins.

The Joovy Room 2 twin nursery is also travel friendly, is easy to collapse, and can be carried easily. New parents have raved about this product for its comfortable and durable padding. Also, the large size is often a plus for the twins to sleep or move around and measure 16 x 5 x 40 inches. The drawback of this double bassinet is that it might sway if one baby rolls or moves over.

The surface of the changing station is water-resistant and is machine washable as well. The product assembly is also simple, and you just need to snap on to complete the Bassinet to a playard.

Reasons to buy

  • You can use the Joovy Room 2 bassinet both indoors and outdoors. This one is the best bassinets for twins
  • The product is large and spacious, so you can use it for multiple babies and not just one
  • There is also a waterproof sheet that is easy to wash and clean if it gets messed up

Reasons to avoid

  • Heavier than other products mentioned 
  • Attaching the mattress can be a bit tedious

Final Verdict

The bassinet is strong enough and spacious. The product is well made and locks well into position so that you can be in peace your twins are in a safe and secure space. Also, I felt that the fitted sheet must come in some dark colors not to stain easier.

Benefits of having a bassinet in your nursery

Bassinets are an alternate option for cribs, and that might appeal to new moms for a range of reasons, including lifestyle choices, design, and space. Buying one has a lot of benefits which includes;

Easier to lay baby

Bassinets are shallower than play yards and cribs, so you have an easier time putting them to bed.


Bassinets do not require collapsing and reassembling like a play yard, and they can be moved easily from your room to another. Usually, they are compact enough to carry to another room as they mostly have wheels.

Co-sleeping is easier

These facilitate co-sleeping easier, and some options fit well beside your bed, and some models will swivel 360 – a degree which makes nighttime feeding hassle-free.


A bassinet is super compact and does not consume ample space. So, even if your home is short on space and might not accommodate a bassinet for the twins, there are options that can be folded for easy storage.

Breathable and secure

It’s a priority to make sure your twins sleep in a well–ventilated place. Also, it must be breathable, and bassinets are sturdy and come with mesh walls that ensure air circulation. This feature can reduce suffocation, and some specific models have a canopy that keeps the twins safe from flies, bugs, and others.


You might be aware that baby furniture and product are costly, and it could sometimes burn your pocket as well. So, if you are on a budget, then a twin bassinets could be an investment. They are cost–practical and reasonable compared to other sleeping products available.

Traveling is a breeze

Since these are usually portable, you can take them wherever you go. This makes traveling more manageable, and you don’t have to worry about calming the twins. All you have to do is just assemble them and put them to sleep.

Newborns friendly

One of the most significant issues of sleeping products for babies is that you cannot use them for newborns. But that is not the case with the bassinets; they are suitable for newborns and can be used for a certain age and weight. Some twin sleeper double bassinet comes with soothing sounds that can calm down your babies and back to bed reminder.

Helps transition

A bassinet can help your babies get trained to sleep alone and adjust their new pace. A bassinet makes it easier for parents to transition into cribs.

Different types of bassinets

Bassinets are also known as “travel cribs” or “pack and play cribs.” They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are different models that have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the more common bassinets types are:

Classic freestanding style

These types of bassinet don’t have to be attached to a bed. They can sit near your cot or place it away a little far. The choice is yours! These bassinets come with wheels that can be moved into your living room or to a place where you want your twin to sleep. 

Co – sleepers

If you prefer to use a co-sleeper bassinet, while most parents prefer that, it allows you to keep the twins close by when you sleep. These are better options than allowing them to sleep with you on the same cot.

Rocking cradles

A rocking cradle bassinet gently rocks automatically, providing the twins a top-quality and calming sleep. Rocking cradles can also keep these near your bed for night time feedings. Also these are available easily in the market.

Twin Moses baskets

These are small bed for newborns and fits well with any nursery center décor. These come with solid handles, enabling you to move quickly from one place to another.

Travel bassinets

If you often travel a lot, this is a must-have. These compact ones come with breathable mesh-like other products and can be taken anywhere. Be it for a vacation or the beach, these are excellent options to consider. These are also called portable bassinet.

Final word

Regulating sleep habits and putting them back to a routine is essential. Take time to educate yourself on choosing suitable bassinets for twins. For some, it is just a place for their twins to sleep, while others expect something more convertible that comes with a nursery center and playard.

Parents Also Ask

Do I need a twin bassinets?

Many parents find the Bassinet an excellent option for the twins to sleep as they offer a separate space and keep the baby close for a few weeks while you figure out ways for a sleep and feeding routine.

What sort of bassinet must I buy?

It depends on the lifestyle and your buying preference. Look for the one with a sturdy body, solid design, and adjustable heights. The Bassinet you choose must have an enormous quilted mattress for the twins to sleep comfortably.

How long does a twin bassinet last?

Most babies outgrow within six months, and it depends on how spacious you choose it. You cannot use it as a general rule if the baby starts to sit unassisted. At this point, you will have to invest in a secure and lovely crib or cot.

What kind of twin bassinet is safe? 

The twins bassinet you choose must have a smooth surface; look for it as there is no specific general government safety standard for these products. I suggest you try the ones that come with a sturdy button and a broad base. You can search for one in your local product market. 

Can a newborn sleep in a bassinet?

Yes, twins bassinet are also suitable for new born babies for the first few months, and some prefer cradles as they are safer and sturdier than bassinets. But you could consider this for its portability and keep the baby close to you during nighttime and naps.

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