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How to Organize Baby Clothes Without a Closet? [16 Best Alternatives]

How To Organize Baby Clothes Without A Closet

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Everyone who doesn’t know how to organize baby clothes without a closet yet has a habit of hoarding them, raise your hand! So do we all face the same problem? It has gotten to the point where our babies have more clothes in our master bedroom closet than we parents have altogether.

16 Tips on How to Organize Baby Clothes Without a Closet

Organizing baby clothes in a nursery closet is hard enough. But surviving the ever-rising heap of baby clothes without a closet is like slaying a dragon!

That is why We raided the internet to find clever nursery organization solution on how to organize baby clothes without a closet space.


The upper half of a wardrobe mostly has enough room to create hanging space baby clothes and other items, while the bottom portion holds drawers. In this case, adding a wardrobe typically to your nursery design is a no brainer. It’s nice, wide and clean. 


Whoever thought of converting a bookcase into a closet is pure genius! It should be simple to find a wide enough bookcase.

You can either use a basket or drill in clothes rail to hang clothes or keep them folded on the shelf. Bookcases have a bunch of racks. You don’t have to get creative to know how to use it.

Dresser Drawer

Using a nursery dresser is yet another option. You can use the dresser drawers because baby items are so tiny they’ll fit in easily. It’s a fantastic method to organize baby clothes without making it too crowded. Plus, it replaces the traditional changing stand while being ten times more helpful.

The only reason a nursery dresser won’t be anyone’s first preference is that everything gets cramped in the baby’s drawer. To save you the trouble, we’d suggest you get a drawer dividers that will allow you to create extra room for more items in the nursery dresser efficiently while still keeping it organized. Rolling clothes helps too

Additionally, we’d suggest you store similar items together in groups rather than shove every piece of clothing in the same dresser drawer. For example, use separate drawers to store clothes baby wears often, sheets and socks. Because even with a drawer divider, everything will get mixed up and lost.

Rolling Carts

There are various uses for a metal rolling cart. Carts are lightweight and small, making them excellent for storing diapers or other stuff you need quick access to. A rolling cart’s most significant advantage is that you can move it about! So you can keep it anywhere you want.

Wall Shelves

Hang shelves everywhere possible! You might think we’re exaggerating, but if you want to maximize space without compromising room space, this is it.

You can use the shelves to keep anything literally, from necessary baby items to toys or stow away boxes with extra stuff. Plus, you can use shelves to add in additional equipment and create extra space to keep your baby’s stuff.

Shoe Organizer or Tote Bags

The over-the-door  hanging shoe organizer or tote bags hides all of your baby stuff behind the door for vertical space.

You can use it to store bibs, socks, washcloths, blankets, diapers or other requirements you can think of in the pockets, so they’re easily accessible. A clear one will make it easy to find whatever you’re looking for, or you can label them.

Hanging tote bags and shoe organizers on the nursery door are a clever way to keep most baby essentials well within your reach yet out of sight.

Hanging Rods

You can get a makeshift closet By mounting a rod to any wall or corner of a nursery. These are terrific solutions to organize baby clothes without a closet. 

Mount one or more horizontally or vertically, you decide. Either on an open wall or with wall shelves to maximize storage space. You can even hang a couple of baskets on the rods. It makes storing stuff like towels or baby’s clothes neat and convenient. 

Under Cribs

There is a lot of room beneath the crib that you can use to organize baby clothes. IKEA sells drawers in various sizes that you can fit under the unused space of variable furniture, so why not under your baby’s crib? 

Plastic bins or carton boxes are clever solutions. Plus, once you Push these bins back far enough, it’ll hide them from view. However, we prefer to cover the entire area with a crib skirt. It makes the room look tidy, and the crib looks super cute as well with that extra flare!

Foldable Bags

If you’re looking for toy or accessory storage solutions for your nursery design, look no further! Get yourself a folding toy bag. it’s a nursery storage heaven!

These are fantastic to store baby toys or organize baby clothes that you won’t get to dress your baby with for some time. You can also carry and store these bags in a different closet.

Storage Bins, Baskets and Hampers

You can use hampers, Baskets and bins of variable sizes that best suit your needs and allow you to keep towels, toys, blankets, or whatever Baby needs just within reach. You can label them for your convenience, and they’ll hold various baby stuff.

The baskets, hamper, and bins hold everything compactly, making them less likely to get messy.

Hang on Hooks

Hang hooks wherever you believe they’ll look best in the room. We love the thought to organize baby clothes on the wall using a range of hooks or buying a shelf with hooks attached. 

To get more creative, thread a cord/string from one corner to another of a regular shelf or on the walls directly with hooks.

Once you are done, hang hats, clothing, and other accessories from it. Or use attractive hangers or a string and pegs to hang the clothes. We even found colorful metal buckets hanging on hooks on the web, and it was the most breathtaking thing ever. Just brilliant!


Make use of a ladder! You might have seen ladders decorated in various ways in your Pinterest boards, but have you seen one with baby items? It looks adorable.

A ladder serves as a stylish nursery storage option to hang baby blankets, towels or even clothes with hangers! It also takes up a relatively small space, a plus for parents who have limited space in their nursery.

Clothes Rack

Another adorable and straightforward approach to storing baby clothes is to use baby clothes racks. Of course, you’ll want to flaunt all those lovely baby clothing you’ve purchased! a rack allows you to exhibit your child’s clothes in style. You can use it to display tiny clothes to accessories. 

Using a cloth rack to store your baby’s clothes, shoes, accessories, and other essentials using baskets underneath allows you to make use of the entire space. A clothes rack is a great addition to any child’s room if you don’t have a closet.


Pegboards are fantastic for hanging baby stuff! You can Adjust the board as needed after customizing it with pegs, hooks, and baskets. To make diapers, wipes, and the rest of your baby supplies accessible, hang the board near the dresser or changing table. Plus, You can even hang pictures, lists or baskets, and toys on it too.

 We’ll strongly suggest you hang a pegboard. We promise you it’ll be a lot of fun!

Swing Shelves

If you’ve made this far into our blog, you’ll know we love shelves. One of the best ways to organize a nursery is without a closet, Hands down, But a swing shelf!? *mind explodes*

If you don’t want to get too overboard with all the hacks and stuff but want to make your kid’s room look somewhat trendy with little to no effort, we say ditch those regular shelves and get these swing ones.


Are you into rustic vibes? We are too! That is why we’d suggest you replace regular bins or baskets with these.

Crates are pretty sturdy anyways. These will last longer than any bins, baskets or carton boxes that you use to organize your baby’s clothes or other necessities. And you can always give them some color too! That’ll make them even prettier, and we’re sure your kids will love to have them in their rooms, even after they grow older.


The joy of having a baby is unlike any other, but the thought of modeling a nursery design for your young one can be daunting, especially if you don’t have a closet. 

It’s inevitable to get your baby’s room overcrowded with their belongings, but once you’ve established a system, trying to upkeep your baby’s nursery won’t be so bad even if you don’t have a nursery closet.

Parents Also Ask

What is the minimum number of garments required for a baby?

5-6 bodysuits, 4-5 onesies, 1-2 rompers, 3-5 pairs of shorts and pants, three swaddles, a couple of light coats and sweaters, a week’s worth of socks, and 2-3 sleep sacks are enough for a practical baby wardrobe.

How do you keep unused baby clothes organized?

When your baby is getting older, you’ll need all the nursery space you can get. so it’s best to store baby clothes that aren’t in use.
Wash the clothes if they’re worn before and sort the ones you want to keep first. Then sort them by size and pack them in plastic bags to keep clean or vacuum seal bags to get all the air out of the packets and get them compact. 
Next, label all the clothes by size and season or however you want. Once you’re done, find a strong box or container and stack your packages nicely. Before you store baby clothes in an abundant space remember to label the box as well.

Can I turn a closet into a nursery?

You have to get resourceful if you don’t have a big space.  Making a little  nursery out of an empty and spare walk in closet space is a terrific way to make room for your baby. But be careful about it.
Of course it’ll be small and you may feel like it’ll be a little claustrophobic  but you can take off the door completely and to funnel air into the room, install an in-line vent or put up a secure fan out of reach of the baby. This way the room will be safe and not get stuffy.
 And we’re sure you won’t have to worry about where you’ll keep all of your baby clothes since we’ve discussed some clever ideas for that already.

When should I set up the baby’s nursery?

You should aim to get the nursery ready to go by the time you are 36 weeks pregnant. It’s smart to start early because you’ll feel tired more often as the birth of your baby gets near. 
Don’t leave setting up until after your baby arrives because things will only get chaotic from then on.

Is it necessary to have a nursery?

If you’re concerned about the cost it takes to set up a nursery or  the space and resources to put one up for your child, keep in mind that it’s optional.
Having a nursery will give your child an independent room which is great but they won’t be using it until they’re probably 12 months or older. So don’t stress about not being able to set up a nursery if you aren’t able to do it.

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