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How To Teach Baby To Roll Over [Mom Approved 7 Tips]

Teach Your Baby To Roll Over [Mom Approved 7 Tips]

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As parents, everything our baby does for the first time is such a joy to witness. However, if you ask us, then the thing we waited for the most was the baby roll over. We even tried to learn how to teach our baby to roll over, but this son of mine rolled over for the first time at the age of 6 months.

We know this is too much. However, if you want to learn how to teach a baby to roll over, we have a deal for you. Today, we will school you in detail with everything that will teach you how to encourage baby roll over.. Here, you will learn what to do and what not while teaching your baby to roll over. So, follow this article religiously if you want to teach your baby to roll over fast.

Benefits of teaching your baby to roll over

Baby rolling over is a joy for parents, but it has a lot of other benefits for your kids too. Below you will be enriched with three of the most clinical benefits of a baby rolling over.

It helps to develop tummy muscles

First of all, rolling over enables the growth of tummy muscles in particular and babies develop strong overall body muscles. When a baby lies against their tummy, it helps them to stretch their tummy, neck, and arm muscles. Eventually, this thing enables your kid to learn other important things.

Those kids who learn to roll over quickly will learn to sit, crawl and even walk quicker than other kids. Our first kid took six months to roll over, while the other one did it in her third month. Following this, our later kid learned to walk when she was 11 and a half months young, while my baby boy learned to sit at this age.

All in all, a baby who rolls over early will have better overall muscle growth.

Keep your baby fit and active

If you have raised kids before, you will admit that those kids who move early remain healthy, fit, and active. So, it is fine to admit that those babies who learn to roll over early will be much fit and healthy.

Baby rolls Stimulates metabolism

Like adults, kids cannot move, walk or sit. They spend most of their time lying on the bed. Though this is a natural thing, and we cannot do anything about it, we can help them to at least learn to roll over. It is one of those things that let your kid stay active and enhances metabolism.

When a kid moves or rolls over, it affects the overall muscle movement and boosts metabolism in a kid. So, if you want to improve the metabolic system of your kid, help them to learn how to roll over.

Seven tips on how to teach baby to roll over

There are many tips and tricks that might help you learn to teach your baby how to roll over. However, you will never be able to practice all of them. So, below we are listing few tips and major exercises that you may follow to help your kid rollover. We tried all of them while teaching our second kid to roll over, and they worked incredibly well.

Start picking up and laying down the baby in a rolling motion

One of the most common mistakes that parents make is laying down and picking up their baby in a regular position. Though this is no wrong way, it will not help you teach your baby to learn baby rolls.

So, those who ask how to teach my baby to roll over follow this trick. When your baby is around two months young, start picking up and laying them down in a rolling position. This would allow them to memorize this practice and follow it.

It takes a lot of time, but believe us, this is one of the most promising techniques. It allows your kid to learn rolling without taking a lot of pressure. You just need to change your picking up and laying down technique, and your baby will try to synchronize it too.

Lay down your baby on their tummy: Let the baby play

We all know that kids do not stay on their tummy for a longer period. Whenever you lay down your kid on their tummy, they feel a bit uncomfortable after a while and try to move. This allows them to stretch their neck and arm muscles, which eventually strengthen them.

So, when laying down your kid on their tummy, if they are not learning to roll over even after three months of age. You might witness your kid in discomfort, but this is how they will learn to roll over. Keep them on their tummy unless they are bored and start to cry.

In addition, the best thing about this trick is that your kid might learn how to roll over from tummy to back. This is what kids learn at the age of 7 to 9 months, but with this trick, you might allow them to learn it quickly. Follow this method, and you will see considerable changes.

Let your baby enjoy being by left and right sides

Your baby will never change sides on its own. So, to help them learn rolling over quickly, let them play on their sides. While looking after your kid, change their sides and let them play more on their sides. It will allow you to strengthen their back and arm muscles.

Also, while playing on their sides, it will be easy for your kids to roll over. Practice this exercise for a while, and it will help your kid learn how to roll over quickly.

Reduce equipment based dependence: Minimize time spent

As parents, we all use different equipment to keep our kids at ease. However, this is not a good thing if you are doing this more and more. Overdependence on baby equipment may lead your kid towards laziness, and this is one of the most common reasons for them to learn rolling over late.

So, what you need to do is reduce overdependence on baby equipment like swings, car seats, and cradles. Your kid will only learn new things if they are given freedom. So, take your kid out of their comfort zone, and they will surely learn rolling over and other things quickly.

Perform some stretching with baby: Developing new motor skills

When I was young, I saw my grandmother doing stretches for my younger brother. I never understood that thing. He used to cry, but she never stopped, and by the time I learned that it was done to make him active and healthy. He learned to roll over at three months, and in his 9th month of life, he took his first step.

I myself applied this technique with my daughter, and she remained much more active than my baby boy. So, to help your kid stay active and learn to roll over, stretch their body, massage them regularly and let them have some vitamin D under the sun. This will keep your kids fit and their bones strong.

Play with your baby: Helps practice rolling

One of the major mistakes that we make is avoiding playing with our little ones. Most of us keep our kids at rest most of the time, and this makes them lazy. Believe us, we are the major victim of this thing. As new parents, we provided our first kid the best form of rest we could, and this little master turned out to be a hell of a lazy person.

So, if you want your kid to remain active, play with them. Start this from a very young age, and this will allow them to stay fit, healthy, and strong.

Use toys to attract the baby to roll over: Strategic toy placement

Toys are one of the most attractive things that you may offer your kid. We know that your kids play with toys, but what we are asking is to change the pattern of their play. In simple putting toys on their sides will helps them to roll over.

Use playable toys and the toys that make noise. It will attract the child to move on their sides and eventually rollover. For us, this proved to be one of the most effective methods. So, try this method, and it will surely help your baby to roll over.

At what age do babies learn to roll over?

It is one of the most asked questions. However, there is no particular option to this thing. Rolling over is something that kids learn as per their abilities, and the efforts parents make them learn rolling over. Some of the kids are capable enough to learn rolling over between 3 to 5 months. However, some of them may take 5 to 7 months.

So, this is something that may vary from kid to kid. But, if you want to teach your kid to roll over quickly, above are the tips you need to follow.

Why my baby is not rolling over?

It is something quite unpleasant to witness as parents. It happens very rarely but is something that you may face. Below, we have mentioned some of the most common reasons that avoid your kid from learning to roll over.

Early birth: one of the common reasons

One of the major reasons for babies not rolling over is early birth. Early birth is quite a common thing, and you cannot do anything about it. So, if your kid is born in the 37th week of pregnancy, it is quite possible they do not roll over even when they are seven months young.

So, do not panic about it and simply consult your doctor and do the necessary. It would surely help your kid to learn to roll over.

Improper diet of baby or mother: Reduce fine motor skills

The thing that affects the growth and activity of the kid the most is improper diet provision to either baby or the mother. Most of us intake junk food, and as a mother, if you are doing so, it may affect your baby’s health.

So, if you find your baby lazy or inactive, consult a nutritionist and acknowledge what they prescribe. Never ever in life try to do experiments with your kid and immediately consult an expert if you find any unorthodox thing in your kid. 

Inclination towards other skills: The late rolling baby

Sometimes we worry a lot, and things are not as serious as they look. One of the most common reasons for your baby not rolling over is their inclination towards other things. It is something that we have witnessed too.

The little one of my brothers learned to sit first and then rollover. So, there are some kids with an inclination towards other things. When you have consulted a doctor, and nothing is wrong with your kid yet, he/she is not rolling over, stop worrying. It may happen due to their inclination towards other things.

Important Note: Always consult an expert if your kid is not well. If you are reading this draft, we would appreciate it if you consulted an expert to resolve your kid-related issues.

Important Note: Always consult an expert if your kid is not well. If you are reading this draft, we would appreciate it if you consulted an expert to resolve your kid-related issues.


To conclude, it will be fine to call this draft the perfect treasure for those looking to know how to teach a baby to roll over. Here we have schooled you about every possible method that will help you understand how to help your kid roll over, when does a baby learns to roll over and when will your babies start rolling over.

However, if you still find anything missing or you need more elaboration about how to teach a baby to roll over, let us know. We would love to resolve all of your issues.

Parents Also Ask

Can weight be the reason for my baby not rolling over?

Yes, it may be, but it is not the primary reason. We have seen various healthy kids learning to roll over in their 4th month of birth. So, it is possible that weight may be a reason, but it is never a primary reason.

Why is baby rolling over important?

Staying at the same point may make a kid lazy and inactive. So, baby rolling over is necessary to keep them fit, active, and healthy. Rolling over boosts muscle growth and metabolism. Also, rolling over your kid will help them to digest their food with ease. 

Why does my baby sleep less while learning to roll over?

When babies learn a new skill, their sleep cycle is disturbed a bit. All of their concentration is towards learning that particular skill, and the eagerness disturbs their sleep. So do not worry if your baby is sleeping less while learning to roll over. However, you are always appreciated to consult an expert.

Is three months a good age for babies to roll over?

It is a fine age for babies to roll over. Most of the kids learn to roll over at this particular age. However, it is not inevitable for all kids to learn rolling over when they are three months young. Some of them may learn it between the 3rd and 7th months.

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