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Where to put baby monitor in nursery? [Our Top Spots]

Where To Put Baby Monitor In Nursery

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Being a new parent, we can be very protective and want to know what our child is up to every minute. When I became a mother the first time, I decided to use a baby monitor.

My nursery was set a bit awkwardly back then. It drove me crazy finding the right place to fix the monitor so I could watch my baby while I was busy elsewhere.

Baby monitors may come with a wall mount that can be fixed without messy wires, a floor stand that can be moved around the house, or a multi-stand which is like tripod that you an set anywhere.

Wall mounting the baby monitor

Most video baby monitors are available with a wall-mounted option. You might get it already fitted in the monitor or may get it as an additional piece inside the box.

Although some monitors are built to be wall mount, they come with a safe and easy-to-install wall mounting mechanism. Others have a simple mounting system. It can be just a hole at the end of the base through which you can mount.

In case there’s nothing you can latch the monitor with, I recommend adding dual face tape to secure the monitor on the wall.

Pros of mounting your baby monitor on the wall

➡️ The most secure place to fix the baby monitor. When you place it on the wall, there are almost negligible chances of your baby cracking it down, ultimately breaking it.

➡️ Allows you to fix at a perfect viewing angle so you can see the entire nursery as well as the crib.

➡️ No messy wires keeping your nursery organized.

How to mount a baby monitor on the wall?

To fix a monitor, you should first decide whether you want a windowed or an all-inclusive screen for the best viewing experience.

Windows make it easier to keep tabs on areas such as your door and child’s play area without having to get up at any time. For instance, I fixed my baby monitor to the wall and titled it down so I could see the view of the whole cradle and play area.

💡 Before drilling any holes in the walls, scan your baby’s room for the best viewing spot and mark the mounting place with a pen or a marker. I don’t want you drilling additional holes and ruin the walls.

💡 A loose wire can create suffocation danger. I know you may think your baby is too young to move near and reach it, but I recommend organizing and hiding your wires now. You can use a wire cover that matches the environment.

💡 The best position to run the cable is in the corner, behind a cabinet or an extended curtain.

💡 Or you can go even further and hide the wires within your walls. You’ll just have to do the unnecessary, but yes it looks good!

Place your baby monitor on a shelf 

A nursery is a sacred space for parents to keep their baby safe and comfortable. A baby monitor is a must-have item to have in your baby’s room. The second best place to fix it is on a shelf that can be found in any home.

Fixing cameras on shelves has two benefits. Firstly, it is easy and more convenient to carry the camera from one place to the other. Secondly, you don’t need a surface with enough room for it to be stable.

Another great benefit of placing you baby monitor on a shelf is you can move it to different angles depending on your preference and how you nursery is organized.

Pro Tip: Some monitors rotation mechanisms in their cameras but they’re quite expensive. If on budget, you might want to stick to an affordable baby monitor as you’ll be able to carry it with you when traveling with your newborn or toddler.

Putting the camera on a shelf is considered safe, and one of the most common places for parents to place it. Kids cannot access it from there, giving you peace of mind.

However, keep in mind that it can be accessed by pets or other small children in the home if they are able to climb onto shelves or furniture.

Place the monitor on a changing table or a dresser

My first option was to put the monitor on the dresser near the cradle. This is what I did initially when I purchased my first baby monitor.

The changing table/dresser is elevated enough to provide you with an ideal sight of the cradle over the bars.

If you put the monitor near the changing pad, make sure your baby isn’t able to get near it. The risk for safety can be high for both your baby as well as for the monitor.

Mount your baby monitor to the crib/cradle in your nursery

Most parents assume about the cradle when they wish to fix a camera. Although many baby proofing experts will recommend not to install the monitor in a cradle.

It’s risky. Your baby might touch the monitor cable assuming it as a toy and begin playing with it. Almost every year, a family suffers from a child loss just because of a wire they forgot to hide in their toddler’s room.

Ensure that the wires are totally secure and there’s no part visible to your child.

You may want to change the camera angle every now and then, usually at nights, depending on where your child’s is in the nursery. Make sure you don’t forget to check that the monitor is fixed perfectly and is not detachable. You can use a camera clip to attach the camera to your baby’s crib.

Last but not least, baby monitors give a little radiation (EMP) just like other electric machines. It is not safe that you leave your child to sleep near a camera each night. Experts highly recommend not to keep the video baby monitor very close to infants at night.

When you install a camera into the cradle, you need to make sure there is ample room and that camera weight is supported by the foundation while you then install a monitor into the cradle.

Hiding wires and other safety precautions before you fix a baby monitor in the nursery.

According to U.S – CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), there have been near seven expiries, plus three lack of oxygen cases from the camera.

Use a wireless baby video monitor

This is the reason it is said not to put the camera in or near your baby’s crib. If you don’t choose to use a wireless monitor, then ensure that your camera is a minimum of three feet far from the baby’s portion, and the cables are safe plus out of reach.

The best action is to make the cords secure to the wall mounting and use a cable cover to cover the cables. We suggest you not go for an extension cable if you can avoid it because the fewer cables, the better safety.

Place your baby monitor at particular meters aways

According to WHO (World Health Organization), there is still not enough data that explains that wireless networks lead to adverse health impacts, so your monitor is not a problem as long as you maintain to place it at a decent distance.

Right place to fix baby monitors

The guidelines are the same for the parents no matter you choose a simple monitor or a quality high-class wireless camera. It is vital that you select the right place to place it, and so it provides the right angle as well as is safe for the baby. According to the suggestions of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, your monitor should be 3 feet away. 

What you need to consider when placing the video monitor?

When preparing for the nursery, you have to consider two essential fundamentals in order to select the best location for your video baby monitor in the nursery.

  • Security and health
  • Suitable viewing angle

Health and safety

Baby monitors are required to be positioned at minimum foot / 1.8 meters away from your child. This is the least safe space suggested to limit contact with electromagnetic radiation.

Research on wireless baby monitors explains to be sure monitors located less than 3.2 foot / 1 meter away from a baby’s crib produce a similar level of radiation as a phone tower 500 foot / 150 meters away.

And in case your video monitor has arrived along with a power wire, so you got to be careful more to resist the dangers of choking.

Viewing angle

The second most crucial aspect of counting in placing the camera is to fix it in the room with the camera’s appropriate broadcasting angle. Of course, you wish to see a clear view of the cot to watch your baby sleeping.

The viewing angle may differ depending on the type of camera you got for yourself. Some baby monitors are available with a remote pan tilt and search choices which are ideal for constantly regulating the viewing angle after your baby is grown enough and rolls around his bedroom. Its zoom feature is convenient if you have a wide-angle camera to watch your baby’s crib clearly.


It is crucial that you use a baby monitor to check on your baby especially they must be fitted in the baby unit, but there are measures that you have to take so that the video baby monitor does not harm your baby and you get the right viewing angle to keep an eye on your baby 24/7. We have added all the necessary information in the blog that you should know when fixing the camera and how many meters away it should be from your baby to ensure safety and perfect viewing angle so you may take you to get full advantage of it.

Parents Also Ask

At what distance should the baby monitor be placed from the crib?

Three feet far! It is requisite for the caretakers to fix the baby monitor a minimum of three feet distance from the crib, play yard, bassinet, or any safe sleep environment. 

At what age should we begin using baby monitors?

The suggested duration is one year of age. However, many parents monitor their babies for three years. Most of the time, parents feel difficult to stop using the baby monitor; if that is the case with you, you better call for help.

Do you leave the baby video monitor on throughout the night?

The video monitor can assist in awaking you when it is time for you to feed your baby during the night. It is better that you should switch off the baby monitor at night after your baby gets older to three to four months. After four months, the baby starts sleeping all night as they learn to phase between light and deep slumber.

Should I switch off the baby monitor at night?

It is better to leave it on if you use the baby monitor multiple times in a day because whenever you switch it on, there is a little rush of energy since everything kicks off. This is why if you turn it many times, it can negatively impact the lifespan of the baby monitor.

Can baby monitors view in the dark?

Yes! Many latest baby video monitors include a night vision feature. On the front of the cameras, they have infrared LEDs attached that assist the user in seeing the kid in a dark room. Baby monitors switch to night vision automatically during the dark.

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We promise to never SPAM your inbox. Check our Privacy Policy.