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When to put baby in stroller without car seat? [Solved]

When To Put Baby In Stroller Without Car Seat

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Strollers are an essential baby gear for families with a baby. Knowing when to put baby in stroller without car seat is an important subject that we should investigate.

Many parents invest in an expensive stroller for their babies to ensure that their babies are safe. So, how can you choose the right stroller for your child’s safety needs among the various models and stroller features? 

The very first thing you need to know is which stroller is best for your baby, as well as the most important safety precautions you need to take before putting your baby in the stroller without a car seat.

What should you consider in choosing a stroller to meet your growing baby’s requirements?

Because of your child’s safety, you should keep specific primary considerations in mind while purchasing a stroller for your little one. The things stated below are only to give you an idea of what to look for when buying a stroller.

The area where you use it

If you live in a densely populated area with narrow city streets, large, heavy stroller models are not ideal for you or your kid. You’ll need a stroller that can be folded quickly and held in your hand afterwards. Knowing where you’ll take your stroller is half the battle won.

Your way of living

The way you live is quite essential. Do you enjoy going for a morning walk? Do you go outside regularly? Or just for a few outings here and there? Do you enjoy traveling? Do you own a car or rely on public transportation? These factors have a significant impact on stroller purchases.

Stroller size and weight

You don’t want to carry a heavy stroller that doesn’t fit properly in your hands and has to be carried up a flight of steps. It’s pretty challenging for you. Examine the sizes in both folded and unfolded positions. Check the stroller’s weight as well as the weight of your child.

When to put baby in stroller without car seat?

  • Until the infant is 4 to 5 months old, most parents use an infant car seat in the stroller. Although there is no set age for putting a baby in a stroller without a car seat, each infant has a unique build and strength that distinguishes them from one another.
  • Stronger babies may be ready to use the stroller without the seat at four months. The most crucial factor is that the baby feels safe and secure.
  • By holding your baby on your shoulder around the age of 3 to 4 months, you can see if your baby is ready to go straight from the bassinet to the stroller. If he can hold his head up without assistance, his neck muscles are firm but not strong enough to allow him to sit.
  • By six months, the baby’s neck muscles are developed enough. You don’t need to put the kid in a car seat at this point if you’re using a stroller because he can hold his own.
  • Another answer for “when can a baby go in the stroller without a car seat?” is you need to figure out whether your baby fits in the car seat or not? As the infant grows older, the car seat is no longer necessary because the baby can sit comfortably in a stroller.
  • If your stroller seat is in a flat position, that is also good for your baby’s safety, and you can easily transition your baby to using a stroller without a car seat.

It is when you can put your baby in the stroller without a car seat or bassinet without any extra support.

What should you keep in mind while switching to a stroller without an infant car seat?

Although car seats are alternative for stroller use, there is no hard and fast rule that you must use them until a specific time. The decision to remove car seats is a personal one for the parents. But while transitioning, you need to focus on some things that are described below;

  • Always make sure to have a reclining stroller because it is best for your baby’s back support, even if they are not holding their head.
  • If your infant is under the age of three months and you believe they may be unable to support their head for long periods, make sure the stroller is in a reclining position. It will assist you in removing the car seat while also providing support for your baby’s head and neck. Your infant will feel protected and safe.
  • A reclining stroller keeps your infant safe and secure while you move around. It also provides relaxation from the baby’s perspective, as the risk of tipping reduces.
  • Some strollers include head support, allowing them to be used even before the baby can sit up. The head support allows the baby to recline gently in the stroller, reducing neck and back strain.
  • Make sure you get a stroller with a bassinet that you can connect to allow your baby to lay down properly and be more comfortable. You can utilize it from when a child is born until toddlerhood. 
  • Attaching a bassinet in the stroller helps your baby enjoy the ride from day one, and you don’t have to wait for the age of 3 to 6 months.
  • Avoid strollers with poor reclining, such as jogging strollers, because they are unsafe for your baby’s safety and do not support their back.

Final word

Using a stroller that can carry a car seat is extremely helpful for most parents. The problem develops as your child grows bigger, no longer fits in the snug car seat, and dislikes traveling in a stroller. It is time to think when to put baby in stroller without car seat.

Although I don’t think that there is a hard and fast rule for when you should put your infant in a stroller without a car seat, some parents choose to wait until their child can sit up or hold their head up. In contrast, others prefer to use a stroller that reclines entirely or has proper head support to give a comfortable ride for their child.

Parents Also Ask

At what age can a baby sit in a stroller?

Many strollers offer a fully reclined seat that is helpful for babies at the age of 4 to 6 months. But it is suggested to us an infant car seat for at least the first three months of the baby. From 6 months onward, parents can use strollers in an upright position after holding their necks. 

Can a three-month-old use an umbrella stroller?

Umbrella strollers are for parents who travel a lot with their kids. These baby strollers have limited features like a fully reclining seat, unlike full-size strollers. But if your umbrella stroller supports car seat attachment, you are good to go with a car seat first for a three-month-old baby. 

Do Newborns need a bassinet stroller?

Bassinet strollers are helpful for new parents, and you can quickly switch between a bassinet at home and a stroller when out. They provide ultimate convenience to c-section moms as well.

How long can a newborn be in a car seat?

If you have planned on an extended tour with significant hours of traveling, pediatricians recommend not to let the baby in the car seat for more than 2 hours. It will prevent the baby from suffocation and strangulation. 

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We promise to never SPAM your inbox. Check our Privacy Policy.