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How To Wash A Baby Car Seat? [3 Easy Steps]

How To Wash A Baby Car Seat

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Baby car seats are an important safety instrument for your child. However, it is not a good idea to use one for too long. That’s why you need to wash it every few months or so. This article will cover everything your need to know about how to wash a baby car seat, the importance of washing a car seat, what kind of products you will need for this process and how long it will take to complete it. Additionally, we’ll also share some tips on how to keep your car seat looking like new after each wash with some general safety tips for taking care of the seat.

3 Steps to Cleaning your Baby Seat Easily

One thing that I’ve learned for sure about babies is that they produce a lot of “messes.” With all the inevitable spills, sticky stains and unexpected diaper leaks, your baby’s car seat requires a break every now and then to clean up after your messy little tot. Well, I’m here to answer this and guide you step-by-step. Let’s begin with the essential quick, easy, go steps.

💡Always pre-read the child car seat manual – Reading instructions from your car seat manufacturer is really helpful. It has clear, detailed instructions for proper use as well as tips for long-term use that are focused on safety. These recommendations will help you avoid using the wrong materials and save you time if not money. If you’re not careful, you may ruin your car seat and have to buy a new one!

Gather all cleaning products

Gather the recommended product for cleansing, which includes:

  • A small handy vacuum cleaner for dry messes
  • little one wipes or a damp cloth for spot clean
  • A soft bristle brush for clammy marks
  • A spray bottle with water and mild soap solution
  • A container with warm water
  • A mild detergent or a child washing liquid.

Cleaning child car seats can be hard work if you do not know the right way to do it. With these simple steps, you will be able to clean your car seat with ease.

1. Start with Vacuuming

To begin with the dirt-free process, first, you need to vacuum all the tiny crumbs of food that go into the little corners of car seats. Or if you don’t have this accessory, try to pick all the crumby solid mess as possible. It will help you to make further cleaning easier.

2. Do spot cleaning of your baby car seat

The next step is to get the Baby car seat set out of the car. Turn out the car seat and give it a shake to remove all the remaining solid debris that gets into it. If you think your baby’s car seat needs only spot clean you can use kids wipes to clean the dirt away.

  • On the other hand, you can Spray mild soap solution on dirt or glossy spots without removing the backrest and covers. 
  • With this, use a soft bristle brush to rub a little and wipe off with a damp cloth.
  • After that, you need to dry it out completely to avoid buildin any mould or getting it free from any smell.

3. Deep cleaning of car seats

If you are blown away with the unexpected diaper leak during your trip. Your baby’s car seat requires deep cleanse now. But be sure that you don’t need a car seat within the next 24 hours. Because, after this yawning wash, you must let the car seat dry out naturally.

A. Remove the padding and back seat fabric cover

Many car seats come with extra cushioning for child’s comfort. Before removing the seat’s fabric cover, it is better to take a picture of it that will help reassemble. Take out the padding and the car seat cover and soak it in a solution of mild shampoo or use a mild detergent for a few hours.

Always refer to the manual, whether the manufacturer recommends hand washing the seat cover or you can put it in a washing machine. Unlock the buckles underneath the seat cover and remove them smoothly from the frame. Please don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach or vinegar to remove stains; it will damage the seat cover’s fabric.

B. Cleaning the harness straps of your baby seat

Harness straps of the car seat ensure the baby’s safety. So it needs to be cleaned with care. Use a mixture of detergent soap and water. And wipe out straps with a damp cloth. For buckles, you can use a gentle brush to get rid of debris accumulated in the grooves. Abrasive cleansing products will ruin the webbing of the harness. Therefore, avoid harsh chemicals.

C. Clean the car seat frame

The following important part is the base of the car seat. Make it upside down and give a little bang at the bottom to pull out any remaining dirt. After that, use a soft cloth with mild soap and clean the entire frame. Mainly focus on the arms rest that gets filthy the most. Don’t drench the base in water; it will damage its material.

D. Dry your baby car seat naturally

The last and essential step after washing everything is to let it out air dry. Because placing it in a dryer may cause collision and damage. Therefore, parents need to air dry it thoroughly in the open air and sun. It will help to prevent building mould, mildew and foul odor.

E. Reassemble the car seat

Reassembling the seat in the correct way is essential for every child’s safety and comfort. So, it is better to take the picture at the start for installation reference or read the manufacturer’s manual carefully.

The seat cover with buckles must be tightly fit and the harness must be out from the cover while you reassemble the car seat. I hope you get an idea about how you can put the car seat back together after washing.

Indispensable cleaning tips on washing baby car seats

Don’t lose the car seat manual

It’s crucial before using a car seat from any brand read the instruction manual. It provides every bit of product detail and temperature requirements.

Keep puke bags

It’s a fact: The more you wait to clean up, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of it. Therefore, when your child has motion sickness, it is suggested to keep disposable puke bags for the instant offering. They are cheap, readily available and helpful in long tours with kids.

Keep baby wipes at an easy access point

Choose a particular location and place infant wipes for easy access rather than finding them in a fumbled infant bag with many things.

Keep a handy cleaning travel kit

Parents, keep a travel wiping kit if you are on the go. It includes a paper towel, and a mild hand wash that will make you safe from any unexpected road rage during traveling with kids.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

to prevent damaging the fabric cover of the car seats , instead of using harsh chemicals use gentle soap and warm water.

Avoid washing machine

The rough you go with car seat cover, the earlier it will wear out, so it is recommended to do hand washing in moderate temperatures with warm water instead of putting it in the washing machine.


Baby hygiene is as essential as the baby’s comfort. It makes a robust immune system and prevents your baby from any viral or bacterial diseases. So, cleaning is a tough job for every parent with baby care. But a little devoted time to clean your Child’s car seat can give you, and your baby a healthy lifestyle.

Parents Also Ask

Can you machine wash baby car seat covers?

It depends on the manufacturer’s manual instructions that you must read before a deep cleaning process. Mostly extra padding and seat covers are recommended to hand wash with mild detergent to prevent damage.

 How can I clean my baby’s car seat without removing it?

You can vacuum to remove solid debris, and after that, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth for spot cleaning. But be sure to properly dry your baby’s car seat to prevent mildew and mold. 

How do I clean my baby’s car seat after vomiting?

You need to act faster and remove the fluid with a baby wipe because the longer it stays, the more it soaks into the car seat. After that, you need to find an accurate time and wash the seat cover with gentle soap and warm water. 

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