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How to Warm Comotomo Bottles: 3 Easy & Safe Methods

How to warm comotomo bottles

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As a mother, I understand the importance of having a warm bottle ready for your little one, especially during those late night feedings. That’s why I wanted to share some tips on how to warm Comotomo bottles. Whether you’re on the go or at home, it’s essential to have a quick and safe method to warm up your baby’s bottle. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite techniques for warming Comotomo bottles, so you can be prepared no matter where you are.

Why is it difficult to warm or heat Comotomo bottles?

Parents commonly struggle while heating Comotomo bottles. These bottles are different from the ones made from glass or plastic. Comotomo bottles are made up of silicone – which is a good heat resistant. It’s not easy to warm bottles made with heat-resistant silicone material. That is why Comotomo bottles will take time to warm and heat due to their silicone structure. 

What are the different ways to warm Comotomo bottles?

Different ways to warm Comotomo bottles

This is a common question that parents often ask. The answer is, because of their heat-resistant material, Comotomo bottles will take up to 3-6 minutes to warm, no matter what method you choose. There are three common ways of warming Comotomo bottles. 

1. In a bottle warmer

You can only warm Comotomo bottles in the bottle warmer if they fit in. Comotomo bottles, unlike the ordinary slim-long milk bottles, have a wide neck that makes it difficult to fit in most bottle warmers. You can use bottle warmers with a wide opening to warm the milk for your baby. 

Additionally, the silicone material takes 5 to 10 minutes to heat the milk, then the other plastic bottles.

You can heat the milk in any plastic bottle and transfer it later to Comotomo bottles.

2. With a microwave

You can warm or sterilize Comotomo bottles in the microwave as they are microwave safe. There are a few things that you must keep in mind if you’re using a microwave for heating Comotomo bottles:

  • The milk in the microwave does not warm uniformly. Hence it can create a hot patch to burn your baby. So stir the milk well before feeding. 
  • Microwave steaming should be kept on minimum heat to refrain from destroying enzymes and beneficial bacteria in the milk from overheating.

3. In hot water

You can also boil Comotomo bottles in hot running water or boiling water. Because of their silicone material, Comotomo bottles can withstand high boiling temperatures. 

To heat Comotomo bottles in boiling water, you need to reach an even higher boiling point than with ordinary plastic bottles. It could take 10-15 minutes to warm Comotomo bottles in boiling water.

Pros of having the bottle warmer for Comotomo bottles

  • You can heat the frozen breast milk, spotless glass bottles, and baby food jars. 
  • The bottle warmer provides slow heat at a perfect temperature. 
  • Get a bottle warmer for Comotomo bottles that are travel friendly and can fit in your bag to make it easy for you to travel with your baby.

Why is it essential to use a bottle warmer?

  • The bottle warmers keep the milk at the perfect temperature for your baby. 
  • The nutrients in formula milk or breast milk stay safe after getting warm. 
  • The bottle warmer saves you the extra effort of warming milk. 
  • You can use bottle warmers while traveling with your little one.

How does a bottle warmer work?

There are two ways of working on a bottle warmer:

  1. Steam heat – this method involves a water reservoir to create steam and warm the milk bottles. This method is quick and even.
  2. Water bath – this method involves water heating. It circulates the water inside the warmer, gradually and steadily increasing the temperature of the bottle inside.

What should you consider before getting a bottle warmer?

It is essential to consider specific facts before choosing a bottle warmer for your baby.

Affinity – Choose bottle warmers that go not only with Comotomo bottles but also have a good affinity with or compatibility with other bottles. 

Travel friendly – If you travel frequently, you can buy a travel-friendly bottle warmer for your baby so that he doesn’t miss out on warm milk anywhere. Also, check the size, weight, and requirement of electricity to operate travel-friendly bottle warmers. 

Time – New parents need to warm the milk frequently at night, so make sure you spend your money on a bottle warmer that is not time consuming. Get yourself a bottle warmer that can quickly heat the milk because babies don’t know patience. 

Parents Also Ask

Why are Comotomo bottles so good?

Comotomo bottles stand out among the other milk bottles due to their unique and different anti-colic design. This design helps the ventilation process. Also, it doesn’t get affected by the suctioning when the kid is sucking the milk.

Are there any alternatives to a bottle warmer?

Yes, there are alternatives to a bottle warmer. You can heat the milk bottle in a microwave or with boiling water. 

Can you put Comotomo in a bottle warmer?

Due to its wide neck ring, you cannot put your Comotomo bottle in every bottle warmer. But you can choose a bottle warmer with a wide opening to put your Comotomo bottle inside. Here’s a list of the best bottle warmers compatible with Comotomo bottles.

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