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How to use a Boppy Pillow? [The Correct Way]

How To Use A Boppy Pillow

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Hello, new mamas or moms to be! We heard you had a concern about using a boppy pillow, so we’re here to solve it. 

Having a baby can be straining, mainly on the back, neck, and shoulders. And after childbirth, taking a relaxed or comfortable position, especially when you are nursing your little one, isn’t easy because your body is already super exhausted. 

Before we begin, we’d like to tackle the biggest concern of every parent who is hesitant to buy the Boppy pillow.

Are Boppy pillows safe?

Boppy is a brand that parents love all around the globe. You can either buy their products online or at their favored retail companies. The boppy nursing pillows make breastfeeding less painful and comfortable for moms and children.

The boppy company has stated obvious and straightforward warnings and directions for proper usage of their products. In those directions, they’ve also made it clear that this nursing pillow is solely for use on flat surfaces and under adequate supervision.

Furthermore, as stressed separately on all their products, packaging, and promotional materials, newborns should not be left unattended or sleep on or with any Boppy product.

Despite these precautions on how to use a boppy pillow, people continued using them in adult beds, sofas, cribs, bassinets, and play yards with blankets, many pillows, and baby sleep. Not following a company’s guidelines is irresponsible. So in this condition, the only thing that makes using a boppy pillow unsafe is the consumer’s negligence.

With that out of the way, we assure you that Boppy pillows will be an excellent addition to your baby products, if not the best, once you learn how to use them properly.

What is a Boppy used for?

The Boppy pillow is designed like a curving ‘C’. It has a convex or horseshoe shape so that your stomach can be sandwiched in the middle.

you typically use a Boppy pillow for nursing or breastfeeding and used as a paced bottle feeding pillow. Though there are so many Boppy uses by the month that you might actually be unaware of.

Using a Boppy pillow during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers have hip pain or discomfort in their symphysis pubis during their pregnancy. 

While having a prenatal pillow is accessible, products that serve other functions than what they are made for are more purposeful, in our opinion.

How to use a boppy pillow for sleeping during pregnancy?

Using a Boppy is quite similar to using a pregnancy pillow. Place them between your legs and beneath the expectant mom’s pregnant belly for better sleep. If you suffer from sciatica or pain when pregnant, this will help you sleep better.

Using a boppy pillow postpartum

After giving birth, Moms experience soreness and pain in every part of their bodies. For the first week or so, you might even dread sitting up.

When you give birth, whether spontaneously or with an epidural, your organs might become sensitive, and if you have a rip or need stitches, you are even more vulnerable.

You can even use the same pillow as a butt cushion during the postpartum recovery period or keep one on hand for postpartum sleep support.

You can also use a boppy pillow for providing sitting support, the boppy positions in a way that can reduce pressure so your genitals can heal soothingly. However, you must use your butt pillow on a smooth, soft surface such as a couch or bed rather than a hard one.

Other than that, you may also require additional hip, pelvic, or abdominal support for postpartum sleep .

Using a boppy for breastfeeding

The intended purpose is to use a Boppy pillow and it is perfect for this job. You can start using the cushion from the newborn’s first latch until they begin to wean off.

It goes gently around the mother’s belly and aligns the baby at the precise position for baby belly to mommy tummy contact, which improves breastfeeding and gives free hand nursing support.

Breastfeeding with boppy will help you maintain a relieving sitting position without causing a lot of strain on your back, neck or shoulder pain. You won’t have to stoop down either.

How to position boppy for nursing?

There are three boppy nursing positions. You can use a boppy pillow in either of the positions and decide which one you’re more comfortable with.

Boppy pillow breastfeeding positions:

1. The cradle hold

Before beginning, sit in a comfortable position with your back, neck, and shoulders comfortably rested.

Place the Boppy pillow around your stomach on your lap.

Place your baby on the Boppy pillow, on their side facing you.

Make sure that your baby’s mouth aligns with the breast from which you intend to nurse.

If it isn’t, cradle their head and upper torso in your arm and rest your arm on the Bobby pillow to bring them closer.

Make sure you’re completely relaxed for a better nursing experience for the baby.

2. The cross hold

Very similar to the cradle hold.

Firstly, follow all the instructions mentioned above in the cradle hold.

Now instead of simply cradling the baby, use your other hand as well to support their head.

Gently hold the baby’s head and guide them to the breast.

The cross hold is ideal for new moms who have trouble holding their baby while feeding or your baby’s first time feeding. Again make sure your body doesn’t get tense, or it’ll make breastfeeding very difficult for your baby.

3. The football hold

Unlike the above 2, the football hold isn’t as similar.

Again, make sure to find yourself in a comfortable position where you feel rested and relaxed.

Place the pillow around your waist but along the side of your body.

Place your baby on the pillow facing you and their feet pointing toward your backside.

Make sure that your baby’s mouth is at the same level as the breast from which you intend to feed them.

Rest your arm on the pillow if you need to cradle the child’s head.

The football hold is ideal for mothers who’ve had a C section, but some find this position more comfortable if they’re leaning back.


➡️ Keep your body upright at all times and never stoop your torso or breasts down to your infant while breastfeeding. It can put a nasty strain on your back, not a good thing. If your baby is not raised high enough, put another pillow beneath the Boppy Pillow.

➡️ Hoist them up in your arms until they’re old enough to feed comfortably by themselves.

➡️ Prop up your legs if you feel like your body feels tense. Keep your body relaxed or else breastfeeding will not be easy for either you or your baby.

Using boppy for paced feeding

The paced feeding process is effective if you switch between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

Pacing feeding allows the baby to experience the same milk flow like they are still nursing. As a result, there is no hesitation, nipple confusion, and the baby will not resist nursing after introducing bottle-feeding. This approach will also aid in the reduction of spit-up, colic, and overfeeding.

Using a boppy pillow for bottle-feeding

Dealing with a restless and frail infant can be terrifying. Boppy’s pillow gives the extra support you need to bottle-feed your child correctly. This pillow can help you relax your muscles while you bottle-feed.

How to use boppy for bottle-feeding

To proceed, you must take a comfortable sitting position with your back nicely supported.

Then, wrap the Boppy Pillow around your waist and set it on your lap.

Place your baby on the Boppy to lie on their back.

Wrap your arm over your baby’s head and upper torso. Allow the Boppy to support your arm.

Use your free hand to feed your baby.


➡️ Boppy can not be used to assist a baby so that they can bottle feed themselves.

➡️ Babies who cannot sit or grip their bottles are not physically ready to feed independently and may choke.

➡️ Don’t prop up the bottle over your baby for self-feeding.

Not only are boppy pillows convenient while feeding the little one, but the versatility of the creative design allows it to be used long after your child’s feeding time.

Because the product is simple, there are several boppy pillow stages that your child can take advantage of while growing up.

Boppy for bonding

Kiddos enjoy snuggling tight. Snuggling your baby not only boosts their growth but also gives them comfort and maintains a special bond between the parent and child.

Although this is a beautiful experience, handling the baby’s weight with respect to the baby’s age for long durations… let’s just say you won’t find those baby snuggles as magical.

Now, no need to feel guilty. parenting is tiring and we know that. That is why Using a Boppy pillow to cushion a baby’s tush instead makes for a long and comfortable cuddle time. 

Other than that, Older siblings adore cuddling the newborns, but they can be hefty, restless, and unmanageable for small arms. Using a Boppy pillow with close adult supervision, let the baby’s sibling support-cradle them securely and enable them to look at each other.

Tummy time with boppy pillow

Traditional Tummy time with boppy typically includes putting your baby down and laying them on their belly. Tummy time on a nursing pillow helps your baby’s head control and core muscles to develop.

This pillow encourages them to stretch out their limbs and enables them to observe their surroundings from different perspectives without hurting their neck.

How to use boppy nursing pillow for tummy time

To begin, spread a blanket across the floor.

Then place the Boppy Pillow on top.

Place your infant’s stomach inside the “C” curve of the Boppy Pillow, arms and shoulders placed on top of the pillow.

To keep the baby’s attention, arrange toys in front of the pillow.


➡️ Let your kid play in this “tummy time” position until they exhibit signs of exhaustion, such as being unable to hold their head up, screaming, or fussing.

➡️ With respect to age, strength, and development, their tummy time can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

➡️ Always keep an eye on your child. Reposition your baby’s arms if their shoulders slip off the top of the pillow.

➡️ Keep an eye on your little ones positioned in this method since they can slide or scoot forwards or backwards and become stuck in dangerous positions.

➡️ The baby’s tummy time on boppy is essential for preventing flat spots on their head and encourages positive growth. Tummy time improves the infant’s muscle movements by allowing them to use their limbs to play.

➡️ This exercise can be enjoyable for a toddler for little time, but as they grow and become accustomed to it, you can extend the time gradually.

Prop up pillow for baby

Babies occupy their first few months examining their world and understanding their surroundings, though they lack the primary muscle control required to move objects and raise their heads.

In this case, the pillow serves two purposes: Laying the infant on the Boppy underneath a toy bar or gym for propped playing, not only allows them to get closer to the toys, but it also improves their muscle strength by putting them in a reclining position.

The shoulders propped on the boppy pillow makes it easier for them to reach out to the toys dangling above them.

Make baby sit up

Toddlers between the ages of 4 and 8 months will begin to find the hip strength and coordination necessary to sit up.

They will need a lot of practice before perfecting their sitting skills. Until then, the boppy pillow can be utilized to provide imperative sitting aid and catching them if they fall to the floor.

For starters, always place the Boppy Pillow on the floor (never on a couch, chair, or elevated surface).

Then, position the infant in the center of the “C” form of the Boppy Pillow. The baby’s back should be against the pillow’s curvature for supported sitting and direct the infant’s legs toward the entrance.

Move the pillow’s corners inward until the pillow cradles the toddler on both sides and provides sitting support.

Gradually pull the ends of the Boppy Pillow away from the infant as they develop confidence, upper body strength, skill and a somewhat of a proper posture, so they are not as firmly supported.


➡️ We strongly advise close supervision.

➡️ Make sure that you pick them up as soon as they fall or end up in a position that may impair their breathing.

Dodging acid reflux

As babies grow old, their digestive system also matures. Though Most newborns suffer from Acid Reflux, that makes them spit up constantly and leaves them uncomfortable. Acid reflux can produce gas pain and make babies cranky.

Hoisting the baby upside down in an upright position in a bouncer or Boppy pillow helps them to relieve some of that pressure.

How to keep the boppy pillow clean

The company suggests machine wash on a highly delicate cycle at 30°C/85°F. Spin dry on low heat in a gentle mode.

Toss a sneaker or tennis ball (packed in a pillowcase) in the dryer while drying the pillow to help it hold its form. When necessary, use only non-chlorine bleach.

It’ll be wise to get a few different covers on hand that you can easily replace and wash, particularly if you intend to use your nursing pillow for both yourself and your baby.

Safety precautions to use a boppy pillow

Although nursing pillows are valuable tools that can help you and your baby in several ways, they can also pose significant risks if misused. So remember our precautionary tips to use boppy safely:

It is best to keep things safe and never let your baby use a boppy pillow without your complete supervision.

Even if you believe your baby is strong or mature enough to move their face independently.

Babies tend to tumble over while you least expect it, making it dangerous to rest them on an elevated surface. Use the pillow either on the floor or the middle of the bed (only if you’re right by them).

If the baby falls asleep while playing on the Boppy, immediately transfer the baby inside a crib or bassinet for safe and proper snoozing.

Never under any circumstance allow your baby to sleep in a boppy pillow. If your infant turns their face into the pad, they may suffocate.

A propped-up baby might easily fall asleep and unwittingly move their head into a risky angle that can impair them from proper breathing.

Always keep in mind that a breastfeeding pillow, or any other cushions is not allowed in your baby’s crib bumpers, bassinet, or cradle.


We read somewhere that a nursing pillow is your breast-friend, and even though the silly little joke earned a chuckle, it is also entirely accurate.

Many nursing mothers choose the Boppy Pillow because of its versatility. The product is entirely safe to spend hours during pregnancy and after your kid is born if used carefully. 

Many people have found the boppy pillow helpful beyond their nesting days. Some have passed it down to their pets, while others just can’t let it go because of how comfortable it is. Some geniuses prop it around their neck to sleep on it as a neck pillow, and parents have to battle their kids to use it.

These people prove that boppy pillows aren’t for just nursing. The possibilities with this simple c shaped nursing pillow are endless.

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