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How to keep a baby cool in a car seat? (Practical Tips)

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We know you are worried about why your baby sweats a lot and how to keep a baby cool in a car seat so that they can travel comfortably with you on long drives.

Whether it is a cooling towel or some other ventilation mechanism, there are particular ways to help your toddler stay cool in a car seat. 

In this blog, let’s figure out some amazing ways to keep your baby cool in a car seat.

Signs of overheating

Most people are unaware that overheating can happen even in the winters. 

You must note that your toddler’s temperature should be 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit. To judge your baby’s temperature if it is summery or not, you can check the nape of their neck.

In case their nerves are rosy and they are breathing quickly, those are the major signs that your little one is experiencing overheating. 

How can you make your baby stay cool in the car seat?

I know you are terrified thinking how dangerous it can be for your baby to suffer overheating but don’t lose hope since I will share some valuable tips on making your child remain cool in the car seats.

Control the Hotness as Much As  Possible 

The ideal way to resist overheating is to not be in the hot areas, such as if you are waiting in the car for too long, then turn on the AC to keep the temperature low. Try to avoid sunny areas and park your cars in shady areas to not heat up.

Dress them appropriately for the weather

I know it is fun to cover your baby with loads of clothes and make them look like Santa, but this load of clothes can make your baby suffer overheating. 

In case the temperature is almost 75 degrees out there, and your relatives are insisting you to make your child wear a hat, and you have a feeling that this can make your baby feel extra hot, then you better politely tell them to check on their business since it can save the life of your child.

Use cooling towels

If you are stuck somewhere, and the temperate is hot, you can put cooling towels near your child to cool him as soon as possible since they help reduce overheating. Just use cooling towels over the harness but never use them below.

Don’t Take Sweating as a Bad Sign

If you don’t observe any signs of high temperature, but you see your kid is warm and sweating, it is not a problem at all. Because sweating is the natural reaction of a body to control the body temperature, most parents assume sweating as overheating since they should encourage sweating as it helps a lot to defeat overheating.

What Should You Do to Prevent Your Baby From Overheating in a Car Seat?

Block sun rays

There are several ways you can block the sun to prevent the inside of a car from getting too hot. 

Try window tint

The window tint gives passengers plus drivers privacy.  Also, window tint blocks dangerous UV sun rays and maintains the refreshing effect inside your car. Not only this, but tinted windows can also resist crushed glass from coming inside your car in times of an accident.

Tinting can also play a role in bringing down the temperature inside your car. But yes, don’t forget to check on the laws of your country since many countries forbid drivers from tinting the windows of their cars.

Use reflective sunshades in your car

These are a great option when you are out, particularly when you have parked your car in a sunshiny area or in case your driveway is not sheltered. There are some different styles of reflective sunshades.


They easily fold open similar to accordion and are located on the forward-facing windshield. The reflective surface returns the sun rays to the outside and reduces inner temperatures.

Mesh Sunshades

These go on sideways of the windows and can assist block the sun when you are driving. These are best to keep the shiny sunlight out of your eyes since they can create a dark view of the outside of the window. 

Solar car covers are handy

If there is no garage at your place, you better grab reflective car covers as they can help keep the car cool when it is parked. They function similarly to the accordion-style sun cover, but they cover your entire car. Hence this would be the most labor-intensive choice.

Use lighter colored car seats

I am not saying that you should buy a new car in case your car includes dark seats but yes! You should know that lighter inner is beneficial. 

If you are a mother who is expecting a baby soon, and you are tensed about the summer months, we suggest you grab a car seat with light-colored fabric since light-colored clothes absorb less heat than the fabric of dark colors.

Black car seats can go above 192 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are car seats available with moisture-wicking cloth, which can assist in controlling sweating plus body temperature.

Use a noggle

You can also avail a machine known as Noggle. It can assist a lot, mainly if your back seat does not completely cool down. You can connect the Noggle with your car’s chair opening and put it into the back of the car seat. Hence, it will help the AC reach your kids much better and make them feel cooler even during the summer days. This method has worked for a lot of people. You should also give this a try.

There are Noggle choices available for rear-facing and forward-facing children, you can avail of it in a six or 10-foot option that depends on your personal preferences. 

These are pretty easy to install and remove. You can use it with both air conditioning and heat. 

Never Leave Your Kid Alone in the Car

Of course, this is clear for the safety of your little one, but it is still quite a serious issue, so I feel like talking about it. Leaving the child in the car alone, particularly on a sunny day, can lead to hotness and even passing away. 

Most people are unaware that temperatures inside the car can get up to twenty degrees within ten minutes, even during winters. So we suggest you never leave your baby alone in the car, even for a minute, for the better safety of the kid.

Final Word

It is requisite to learn about the causes of overheating and how to deal with them. However, if you ignore them, your child might get heat exhaustion, heat rash, or become at higher risk of SIDS or other complications. But don’t worry! Following our tips given above, you can easily make your child stay cool in a car seat.

Parents Also Ask

How to know if my kid is overheating?

The primary symptom that depicts that your kid is overheating is a rise in their temperature. The perfect temperature of the babies is in the middle of 98-100 degrees. If the back of your baby’s neck is hot when you touch them, it could also show that the child is suffering hotness.

What are the symbols of heat fatigue?

Heat fatigue can occur before heat stroke.
The most major symbol of heat fatigue is your baby’s crankiness. Babies become cranky and tired when they become quite hot even they hardly wake up for feeding.
Heat exhaustion can also cause to raise the temperature of children. In such cases, you better consult the doctor as soon as possible.

How can one stop his baby from sweating inside the car seat?

You can try multiple options to keep your baby cool inside the car seat. You can cool your toddler’s car seat in advance or increase the air circulation to the back seat or use cooling towels. 

Why does my baby sweat a lot?

Don’t worry! If your child is sweating a lot since kids sweat more to control their temperature.
 When their little bodies are still in the developing stage, their sweat glands are completely grown on their neck and head. This makes them chill down in the summer since it is difficult for their tiny bodies to keep a constant temperature.
In most cases, sweating is not a big concern; it just shows the babies are warm and trying to chill off, but sometimes it can be related to severe health conditions, so if the sweating bothers you, then you better take your kid to your child’s pediatrician.

How can overheating trigger the dangers of SIDS?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a state of toddlers who die suddenly when napping.
Although there is not any particular reason for it but many causes have been recognized that enhance the risks of SIDS, which include smoking inside the home, lack of proper sleep safety, overheating, and more. 
When the baby overheats, it makes them go into a deep sleep, so ultimately, they might not awake easily and stop breathing.

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