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How to Fold a BOB Jogging Stroller? [Step-by-Step Guide]


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Bob strollers seem very attractive, but numerous questions usually come to parents’ minds, especially when they are new to parenthood; should they go for a bob jogging stroller or not?. And how these can be folded and collapsed. In this article, we have covered some necessary information along with how to collapse and fold different kinds of BOB strollers.

How to fold a BOB jogging stroller?

Without any doubt, Bob jogging strollers are beautifully made. However, these look huge, particularly the great performing models such as Bob revolution Pro. On the other hand, there are strollers available in the market that are not only lightweight but also easy to fold.

Following the given steps, you can fold a BOB jogging stroller into a squeezed size within no time so you can store it easily and place it in compact spaces.

Folding a BOB jogging stroller

  1. Elevate the handlebar- In case the stroller includes an adjustable handlebar.
  2. Using your foot, fix the parking brake.
  3. Then press levers along with it fold the seat onward
  4. Pull the red handle to make the jogging stroller flatten
  5. Attach red buckle for locking and hang onto the stroller folded
  6. In order to make the BOB stroller more compact, you can also take away front and back wheels.

How to collapse a BOB single stroller?

In case you have a single bob stroller, and you want to collapse it, then you have to follow some simple steps, and you can collapse any model of bob stroller.

  1. Make sure if there are any stored items of yours or your baby in the stroller, so you better empty it in the first place.
  2. Put your hands on the sideways of the handlebar and push them in the direction of the center on red tabs.
  3. Initially, elevate hand bars upwards and then onward.
  4. A red handle will give the impression from the back of your stroller, drive it backwards and hence, your stroller will get folded.

How to fold a BOB stroller?

People generally think that BOB strollers occupy great space, and folding a bob stroller seems complicated to them. But in the below step, we will discuss how you can fold a bob stroller easily within a few steps.

  1. Take away any stored items from the baskets and pouches of the stroller.
  2. Put your hands on the sideways of the handlebar and push them near the red tabs towards the central area.
  3. Raise the handlebar upwards and then frontward.
  4. A red handle will come out from the back; tug it backwards. The stroller will be collapsed into a smaller size.
  5. To wrap up the stroller for storing, utilize the wrist wrapping seen on the handlebar using the Velcro so it will not come half-done.

Your BOB stroller is just prepared to be stored or carried in the case of your car.

How to fold a BOB Sport Utility Stroller?

Using the given directions, you can fold a BOB utility stroller in no time.

  1. Drive the front wheels in the forward direction. Raise the handlebar of your Bob utility stroller and tug it out till it locks into place; while doing it, make yourself ensure to have a firm grip on both handles. Using your single handgrip one side of one frame nail of the single stroller while using the other one to be held on a minimum of three feet away from the grip in order to gain additional force when pushing down in the direction of the ground.
  2. Hinge off that griped area by tugging down on each side at the same time that permits gravity to help lead them again together without ample force required from yourself for this part; otherwise, they may not lock correctly together ( this is typically instigated by not having minimum three feet of distance in the middle of each grip point).
  3. The minute you have tugged the frame rails separately so that they are at nearly 45-degree angles to each other, move both towards the bottom in the direction of the ground and within.
  4. Continue driving till the frame is wholly locked on itself earlier, freeing any hands too you were using to hold on to it.
  5. This must be done when the BOB utility stroller is folded or else prepared for storage as it may help make sure all wheels are safely put in storage which can only then occur if the wheels are rotated correctly after use.

How to collapse a BOB double stroller?

You will collapse your Bob double stroller within minutes using these steps

  1. First of all, empty your stroller
  2. Grip both handlebars using your hands and squeeze the red buttons on each side.
  3. Move the stroller forcefully in the upward direction, then onward it; it will proceed downwards.
  4. Tug the red handle from the posterior on the way to you, and the stroller will collapse
  5. Use strips to wrap up for making it portable or suitable for storage.

Parents Also Ask

Why is the BOB stroller ideal?

The great thing about BOB strollers is that you can go on running with your babies. The strollers give a smooth ride to children, so they remain comfortable in it. Any size of children can get into it. Plus, these are easy to collapse and can be placed into the trunk.

Do bob strollers fold down?

Yes. You can fold down the stroller in a snap using a few steps.

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We promise to never SPAM your inbox. Check our Privacy Policy.