How to Clean and Disinfect Baby Bath Toys? [8 Easy Ways]


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As parents, we all have been through the hardship of urging our kids for a bath. For us, bath toys did wonders. Our kids love them, and for the sake of bath toys, they agree to take a bath every single day. However, with bath toys, there come a lot of issues, and for us, one of the major issues was how to clean baby bath toys.

It is something that we have to do finely. If the toys our baby uses are dirty, it may lead them to various diseases. We tried a lot of methods and finely sorted out some of the best techniques to clean baby bath toys finely with ease.  

So, if you want to understand the best ways to clean bath toys, this is the perfect place to land on. Here we will heartily guide you about some of the most efficient and easy ways to clean bath toys.

Benefits of cleaning baby bath toys

Some call cleanliness half faith. However, along with faith, there are a lot of other benefits of keeping things clean. If we are talking about baby bath toys, there exist countless benefits of keeping them clean.

First, a clean baby bath toy prevents diseases and keeps your baby safe and healthy. Second, regularly cleaning a bath toy will keep it new and attractive for your kid. Lastly, cleaning bath toys is the only way to prevent mold. So, to offer your kid such facilities, never forget to clean baby bath toys.

How often should I wash baby bath toys?

It will be good if you wash your baby bath toys at least once a week. Most of us think that soap water in the tub is good enough to wash baby bath toys. However, things are highly different. You might notice or not, but bath toys attract soap and dirt.

So, if you do not clean and protect bath toys, never forget to clean them. Take them out of the tub, wash them using the technique you prefer, and dry them finely. This way, you will also get an answer to the question of how to organize bath toys in the living room. A cute but clean bath toy is good to be placed in your drawing room.

8 ways to wash baby bath toys with ease

Various people try various ways to clean their baby’s bath toys. However, here we will introduce you to some of those methods that worked for us quite well. Follow the methods mentioned below and get finely cleaned baby bath toys.

1. Try cleaning bath toys with tea tree oil

You may know or not, but some drops of tea tree oil can clean any baby bath toy wonderfully. The best thing about the tea tree oil is that it is antifungal and antibacterial, thus helping you keep baby bath toys hygienic to play with.

Along with it, cleaning baby bath toys with tea tree oil allows you to avoid developing mold. What you need to do is add 10 to 12 drops of tea tree oil to a quarter of water into a spray bottle. Now, spray the mixture onto the toys, wait for a few seconds and then wipe them dry. You can also wash your baby bath toys with water before applying tea tree oil.

💡Never forget to finely dry the toys before handing them over to your kids. It would allow you to avoid mold development.

2. Use bleach for washing baby bath toys

Most parents consider bleach hazardous for babies, and this is heartily true. However, there is no issue in washing baby bath toys with bleach water. You need to mix a tablespoon or two to three teaspoons of bleach into a gallon of water. Now mix it well, and then put all of the bath toys into the mixture.

After it, you will have to let the toys into the mixture for around 10 to 12 minutes and then rinse them finely with tap water. While washing with tap water, ensure to rub every single part of the toy so that no bleach water is left on it. Once done with it, finely let the toys dry naturally.

Believe us, this is one of the best ways to clean baby toys, and you will never ask how to clean baby toys non toxic. Remember that you avoid putting cloth-based toys into the mixture. The bleach may ruin the color of the toys.

💡Always wash your toys with tap water and then clean them with a piece of soft fabric after washing them with bleach water. Also, if you are using bleach, you need not ask how to clean plastic baby toys.

3. Dishwasher: A perfect cleaning solution

You may not know, but a dishwasher is a perfect tool to clean your baby bath toy. It not only washes the toys but also helps to sterilize them finely. So, what you have to do is use the upper tray of the dishwasher as the heat is minimal there, and toys will get zero damage.

Along with it, if you have small baby bath toys, it would help if you place a mesh or a steel net above the dishwashing tray. So, turn on the normal settings, place the toys on the upper tray and then turn on the dishwasher.

Once the toys are washed, dry them with a clean fabric, and your toys are good to be used again.

💡Make sure that your toys are dishwasher safe and can bear some heat with no effect on the quality of the product.

4. Sanitization can work finely for bath toys

Ironically, we all are surviving in an era where an unseen virus has disturbed our lifestyle. So, if you are going to wash or clean your bath toys, then why not sanitize them. It will keep them clean and new and also kill all the germs surviving over them.

For this, you only need to get a disinfectant, but ensure it is not hazardous for the toys. Spray the solution onto the toys and wait for a while now; either clean the toys with wipes or wash them with tap water. After it, leave the toys to dry up, and then your kids are good to play with the toys again.

💡Do never overuse sanitizer as it can be hazardous for the kids and may also destroy the toys too.

5. Boiling: An effective way to clean bath toys

We all were told in our childhood that when water boils, germs die. So, why don’t you boil baby bath toys to clean them and kill all the germs? This is coming from our personal experience, and we assure you that boiling toys is the easiest way to clean them.

You only need to boil water in a pot and then put all of your baby bath toys into it. Let the toys boil for around 20 minutes, then remove them and place them on a clean fabric. When you have done everything finely, clean the toys with fabric, and they are ready again to be used.

The thing that we loved while cleaning baby toys with boiling water is that it not only cleans the toys and kills bacteria but it also prevents the development of mold. What else do you need more than all this?

💡Always check that the toys are good to be used in boiling water. For this, you can check the manual that comes with the baby toy. In addition with this method you will get the perfect answer that how to clean used baby toys.

6. How to clean baby toys with vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the best tools when we talk about cleaning toys. So, if you are thinking of cleaning baby bath toys with the help of vinegar, you need to take certain steps. First, you will have to take 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and put it into a spray bottle along with one cup of tap water.

After it, you will have to add around 20 to 40 drops of any essential oil. Now spray the mixture onto the toys and wait for a while. What you need to do now is clean the toys with either wet wipes or with tap water. Now, like every time, you will dry the toys and let your kids enjoy their bath again.

💡Ensure to finely wash out all the vinegar mixture and clean the toys with a clean fabric.

7. Use soap mixture for regular cleaning

If you think that your baby bath toys are not too dirty, then you are fine to wash them with simple soap water. It is one of the oldest and most preferred techniques that we use for cleaning toys and other baby stuff.

So, for this, you only need to take water in a clean bucket and put some soap, bath jell, or even shampoo into it. Now mix the hot soapy water well, and then put all of your toys into it. Remember to keep electronic toys away from it.

After it, you will have to finely rub the toys with your fingers and take out all the dirt. Now, you need to take out all of the toys and rinse them with clean tap water. Once you have done it finely, then, like always, dry your baby bath toys with the help of clean fabric, and you are good to go again.

💡It will be better if you use warm water for cleaning the toys.

8. Clean them with baby wipes

One of the best ways to clean your baby bath toys is by rubbing them with baby wipe. We all know that most baby wipes are anti-bacterial so, if you want to avoid making efforts, then take some baby wipes and clean them finely. It removes visible dirt and unseen elements.

However, you need to ensure that you are reaching every single part of the toy so that nothing is left undone.

💡Always clean the toys with soft fabric after applying baby wipes on them.


In summary, we are good to say that after this article, you will never ask how to clean baby bath toys. Above, the draft has guided you in detail about how you would be able to finely clean and wash baby bath toys. Following the methods mentioned above, you will never find it hard to offer your kids with clean bath toys. But, if you need any extra help with the topic, feel free to hit us. We would be glad to help you out.

Parents Also Ask

Can using bleach destroy baby bath toys?

Not at all. Using bleach only destroys your baby’s toys only if you are using them in access. So, what we suggest is to use the correct amount of bleach while cleaning the toys, and they will survive as long as they have to. This method does not apply on wooden toys.

Can I wash baby bath toys in the washing machine?

Yes, you can. However, you need to make sure that you always use clean water for it. Never put your toys along with the regular clothes. So, if you want to wash your baby bath toys in the washing machine, then go ahead while keeping these things in mind.

Are bath toys with mold hazardous?

A bath toy with mold is one of the most dangerous things that you may imagine for your child. Due to the wet environment, mold development is one of the most common things in bath toys. So, you will have to be extra careful and discard any toy that has mold.

When should I retire baby bath toys?

You should discard a baby bath toy once it starts to develop mold or it is not good enough to be repaired. Baby’s toys with mold can lead your kid to severe diseases. And, if the toy is old or can’t be repaired, then its residue can mix in water and can be hazardous for the kid. 

How to clean cloth baby toys or stuffed toys?

One of the most occurring issues parents have is the cleaning of baby bath toys made up of cloth. You cannot beach them, nor will sanitization work on them. So, what you need to do is simply soak them in soap water, rub them gently and then wash them with tap water.

Remember that you will have to wash the toy as long as it carries soap in it. Once the soap has been extracted finely, let the toy dry, and your kids are good to enjoy playing during their bath time. Also, you can wash them in washing machine. Cleaning them in washing machine with warm soapy water will remove all the dirt.

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