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How many changing pad covers do I need? [Expert Advice]

How many changing pad covers do I need

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Changing pad covers are a necessary item when it comes to taking care of your little one. You will need at least two, but if you want to avoid doing laundry as often, three or four would be a better option.

Here’s the thing: babies are messy. They spit up, they have blowouts, and sometimes they just leak through their diaper. And while you can’t always prevent accidents, you can be prepared for them.

A changing pad cover is easy to change out and wash, so you don’t have to worry about stains on your furniture. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable for your baby to lie on a soft, clean changing pad cover than it is to lie on a cold, hard surface.

What are changing pad cover?

Changing pad covers are just what they sound like – a cover for your changing pad. You can find them in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose one that matches your nursery décor. You can buy them to match your baby’s regular sheets or pick a different one that suits the main sheet set.

The covers are available in a wide range of bedding material suitable for all seasons and preference. Some of the most preferred materials are cotton, fleece, and even vinyl and bamboo; they can be used throughout the year. 

You can choose muslin for summer and spring bedding, fleece and polyester when its winter and vinly for parents who prefer an easy clean material.

Why use a changing pad cover?

Just like a baby mattress, the pad can get dirty quickly without protection (you know how messy they can get everyday) When you have a pad cover, it can absorb messy liquids easily. They are not just an essential to keep your nursery tidy but help in the diaper changing process so comfortable for both the parent and the baby. Changing pad covers are so comfortable and they are often made out of linen, bamboo or cotton. 

Are Changing Pad covers Necessary?

If you already own a changing pad, then adding a few covers for them is what is recommended. The soft fabric cover can keep your baby warm and cozy. This can enhance your baby nursery’s overall look and as well

How many changing pad covers do I need?

If you’re a frugal parent like me, a single cover would suffice. But to be on the safe side, always have 3-4 changing pad covers with you in spare, especially when you’re travelling.

Savvy parents: a golden rule is to wash, wear, and reuse. Most parents start with a couple of these as it offers you time to clean and dry them while your little one can stay cozy on the changing pad with a neat one. 

That said, we suggest you go for at least 2 but 3 – 4 offers more room to clean dirty changing pads.

How to choose the right changing pad cover? [5 Essential Tips]

By following these simple tips on how to choose the right changing pad cover, you can never go wrong in picking the right material and the best changing pad cover for your baby. 

Check for waterproof changing pad covers that can be easily wiped: There’s a no-fixed-time for a diaper blowout! A waterproof changing pad cover can prevent liquids from getting inside the pad which can be the culprit of mold growth and mildew.  A changing pad can add that touch of soft coziness and can be machine washed as well. 

Select the right material according to your needs: Not all materials will be soft and comfy. Some materials can be allergic so make sure that buy the right ones.

Buy changing pad covers that have a universal sizing: Buy covers that are designed to fit all standard size changing pads. There are brands that offer stretchable changing pad covers that can fit most changing pads. While choosing colors and prints are not essential, remember to add a nice touch to the nursery. 

Consider the number of changing pad cover you’ll need and their price: Remember to compare the cost and how much they will be costing. As there are expensive options as well, you need to find something cost – effective.

Check for absorbability: Make sure that the pad covers you buy won’t just suck in the liquid like your changing pad will. They can pool up and get wet all over the baby’s body and clothes. 

Start by adding neutral styles or find the one that suits your nursery. Get creative when choosing them; seasonal fashions and holiday styles are available at every baby shop, so why wait? Just add a few of them to your registry. No matter how many you have, you will still feel good about getting and using them.

Final word

Changing pad covers might look like a small detail, but they are an important part of your baby’s daily regime. Pad covers are one of the simplest ways to keep your baby comfortable while making the place look tidy and hygienic. Since keeping your baby healthy and happy is a parent’s responsibility and priority, investing in one is just a tiny tradeoff for how classy the nursery will look and how great your little one will feel. 

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We promise to never SPAM your inbox. Check our Privacy Policy.