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Best Universal Stroller Boards [Our Top 10 Picks + Guide]


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As parents, we want to make sure our children feel comfortable and safe, which is why the best universal stroller boards are such a valuable asset. Significantly, the parents of twins, triplets, and quads will find the stroller boards to be an incredible help.

Best stroller boards from different brands come in various sizes and attach directly or with adaptors. Mainly to the rear of any stroller you have. They are also known as glider boards for strollers or standing boards for strollers.

Not only for just kids,with this board, we can also make sure that our dogs or cats, or both, are comfortable too. The stroller boards are designed to provide a safe, durable, and easily hold on an active toddler up to 50 pounds for strollers.

In this article, I will be reviewing some of the best universal glider boards that you can buy through the internet. Before purchasing a board attachment, you need to make sure the stroller board is compatible with your current stroller.

10 of the Best Universal Stroller Boards

Whatever allows you to move around while still keeping an eye on your baby is a blessing, in our opinion. But our needs vary, and research never hurts, so it’s best to know the product before you buy it. So I composed a list of 8 long-range baby monitors, each of which is the best of its kind.

#  Image  Model  Features   Our Rating  
1. UPPAbaby Piggyback for Cruz V2 - List Image UPPAbaby Piggyback for Cruz V2 ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
2. Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board - List Image Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
3. guzzie+Guss Hitch Full Suspension Ride-On Stroller Board - List Image guzzie+Guss Hitch Full Suspension Ride-On Stroller Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
4. Englacha Easy Rider Trailer - List Image Englacha Easy Rider Trailer ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
5. Baby Jogger Glider Board - List Image Baby Jogger Glider Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
6. Evenflo Stroller Rider Board - List Image Evenflo Stroller Rider Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
7. Britax Stroller Ride On Board - List Image Britax Stroller Ride On Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
8. Baby Trend Smooth Wheel Ride-On Stroller Board - List Image Baby Trend Smooth Wheel Ride-On Stroller Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
9. GemonExe Universal 2in1 Stroller Ride Board - List Image GemonExe Universal 2in1 Stroller Ride Board ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon
10. Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider - List Image Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider ✔️ Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy from Amazon

1. UPPAbaby Piggyback for Cruz V2

This stylish wheel board for the stroller is made of wood and plastic. Mom of a toddler and an infant can imagine how difficult it would be shopping and moving around the market with both kids.

If you have the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2, then you can perfectly attach this innovative stroller wheel board and make your shopping experience more fun than a hassle. Kids 2 to 4 years often get tired early and refuse to walk. But with UPPAbaby Piggyback, you can give an exciting stand-along riding experience to your big child. So, they do not feel left alone.

With no complex attachment requirements, you can lock in this step for stroller(s) with easy release buttons. Moreover, these stroller boards are related with stable wheels, a compact design, and folds quickly when not in use.

The board’s non-skid surface lets toddlers jump on UPPAbaby’s stroller ride along with the attachment and prevent slipping. children enjoy their skate ride with their little brother or sister in the pram. but you should follow the weight limit.

Reasons to buy

  • This stroller board is eco friendly
  • You do not need to unlock the stroller board when a folding stroller
  • Conveniently attach and detach
  • Great quality
  • Easy to clean
  • You can fold it with the stroller
  • Non-skid surface

Reasons to avoid

  • It sticks out pretty far, which makes walking behind the stroller difficult.
  • Small wheels make it difficult to ride on gravel roads
  • Only attach with the manufacturer brand strollers

Final Verdict

This board attached with stable wheels and compatible with the latest models of UPPAbaby CRUZ. They were loved mainly by their parents for their simple and modern look. However, it makes a parent’s outdoor life much more manageable and streamlined.

2. Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board

Unlike the UPPAbaby Stroller board, the Bugaboo Comfort Board allows your older kid to sit or stand happily. It is a well-built and durable universal glider board. It will ease moms and dads to have leisure walks to the beach or park without running after their big kid.

This uniquely designed stroller board attachment can be adjusted with standing or sitting options, depending on your kid’s mood. With integrated extensions, it will swiftly fit with Bugaboo Bee5 the best stroller.

However, if you have strollers from other brands, don’t worry. the stroller board can be connected with the help of specific adaptors, it can be perfectly fit.

After having your walk, you can fold your stroller without detaching this universal stroller board attachment. It does not take much space and clicks merely up when your older kid likes to walk.

Reasons to buy

  • Stroller board with seat
  • Simple to clean
  • Stable and well-rotating wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great substitute of double buggies
  • Detachable seat
  • best universal stroller board
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Accommodate kids of 3 to 4 years

Reasons to avoid

  • It allows you to view only one camera at a time.
  • Small and uncomfortable seat with no back support
  • Difficult to push stroller from behind
  • Overpriced
  • Some parents find it inaccurately designed
  • Buy separate adaptors to attach for other brands strollers

Final Verdict

In short, this system is a unique solution to parenting. dads who need to buy a new pushchair can shop and alternate with this beautiful accessory with their current stroller. And can save money as well.

3. guzzie+Guss Hitch Full Suspension Ride-On Stroller Board

It is an excellent alternative to a double stroller and a practical option when you have no room for two siblings in one pram. The guzzie+Guss Hitch stroller board has versatile compatibility. It is designed to attach any stroller you have.

It allows anti-slip space for your big child to stand without any fear of falling. It can ride smoothly on bumpy and gravel roads due to complete suspension wheels.

You can use it to drop your preschooler along with your infant as it is ideal for the age between 2 to 5 years. The best part of this stroller board is it does not require adaptors and fasten quickly.

Reasons to buy

  • No required specific tools for installation
  • Compatible with most strollers like umbrella strollers, joggers and prams
  • Designed reflectors
  • Great maximum weight limit
  • easy to install
  • Adjustable width
  • Easily cleanable
  • High suspension

Reasons to avoid

  • The nursery unit does not have a battery option.
  • Pricey
  • Not fit with Graco strollers
  • Little bulkier than others
  • Sometimes the wheels become unstable due to excess weight

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, I highly recommend this toddler gear accessory. However, it is expensive but worth your money. Unlike the UPPAbaby and Bugaboo stroller wheel board, this bumble-ride provides sufficient space to walk behind the stroller comfortably.

4. Englacha Easy Rider Trailer

Whether you want to use a prams for one kid or two, the Englacha Easy Rider Trailer allows easy rides. You can enjoy going to different places like parks, beaches and museums. Also, this ride-on stroller attachment gives your toddler a break from a tiring long walk when you are shopping.

You should clearly understand that to make this stroller glider universally compatible. It needs to connect with adaptors on the rear axle structure of any stroller. Moreover, you can adjust its height and width according to your preference.

This stand stroller attachment’s sturdy structure allows you to place a maximum weight of 45 pounds. Hence, it is ideal for toddlers from 15 months to 4 years. If you have a stroller without applicable rear construction, Englacha Easy Rider Trailer might not be suitable for you.

Reasons to buy

  • Compatibility with many strollers
  • Comes with a storage strap
  • Attaches quickly
  • HDPE Board
  • Conveniently folds up
  • Trustable brand

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable for tall kids
  • In some strollers, it will strike across the rear bars

Final Verdict

In summary, the standing platform for strollers you currently own provides excellent convenience for navigating through crowded places.

5. Baby Jogger Glider Board

If you are mother of multiple kids, you can give them time to the fullest and spend every bit of it. With the help of Baby Jogger Glider Board, you can ride along with your both kids without buying a new double or triple stroller for them.

It is a kind of scooter attachment for your stroller, providing sufficient space for your kids. They stand comfortably on their anti-slip surface. But be careful. I will not recommend using it while jogging.

It is one of the best stroller boards we have on the list. This buggy board is sturdy, solid and made of high-quality material. Before using this stroller attachment for standing, constantly adjust your stroller’s handle to the height of your kid. It will help to get a clear view for them.

If your toddler doesn’t want to have this stroller standing platform, you can simply flip up and let him walk.

Reasons to buy

  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Robust rotatable wheels
  • Effortless turning around with the board
  • Flips up easily
  • Simply assemble to the back axle of the stroller

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • Compatible only with baby jogger buggies
  • With this stroller glider, it will be challenging to reach the brakes

Final Verdict

Overall, the Baby Jogger Glider Board is an excellent addition to your child’s gear. This stroller wheel board works well on different paths. Great idea for having short outdoor tours.

6. Evenflo Stroller Rider Board

The best universal stroller board that you can pick from the list. It is the lightest in weight among all. It is made with an eco-friendly material that is wood.No need to leave your older child at home. You can keep your child entertained with you through this real-life designed glider board for strollers.

this stroller board is durable and dependable for the age of 2 to 5 years older child. The wheels are strong enough to carry their weight and smoothly cross bumpy or uneven roads.

Easy installation system, Evenflo Stroller Rider Board conveniently attaches to single or double strollers. Moreover, it does not require additional tools for this.

An easy and feather-light hitch step for stroller riding lovers and helpful while pushing the stroller. Requires only a damp cloth to clean its plastic surface and wheels, and you are good to go again.

Reasons to buy

  • Mostly compatible with Evenflo strollers
  • Exceptionally simple in use
  • Compact in size
  • Comfortable wheels
  • Optimal safety
  • Easy click on the installation
  • No need for adaptors to attach with other brand strollers
  • Fairly priced

Reasons to avoid

  • Gets noisy

Final Verdict

In short, designed for big siblings. Evenflo Stroller Rider Board is built with sleek wood applique to provide an anti-slip space. Worth it in our opinion!

7. Britax Stroller Ride On Board

The Britax Stroller Ride On Board is the top-recommended and high scorer because it features independent suspension with a three-wheel buggyboard maxi .

You can conveniently attach this universal buggy board to any stroller’s horizontal and vertical frames. And have peace of mind with this additional travel option for your children.

Moreover, this stroller board also features a storage strap that you can use to fold and stick it up.

Its adjustable height feature helps to give a clear vision to your elder toddler less than 36 months. Therefore, they can enjoy their ride.

Reasons to buy

  • Great suspension
  • Durable and strong frame
  • Works well with most strollers
  • This buggy board comes with a storage strap
  • Adjustable height option
  • Simple when folds and store

Reasons to avoid

  • Heavy
  • Costly

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Britax Stroller Ride On Board is the ultimate choice for City Mini GT. However, this buggy board has limited compatibility with Britax double strollers, BOB duallie strollers, Britax B Lively stroller, and BOB Revolution CE stroller.

8. Baby Trend Smooth Wheel Ride-On Stroller Board

When your child becomes uncomfortable while sitting on a stroller, give him an exciting stroller ride on board with this skateboard.

Parenting can be challenging when you have multiple children and even more when shopping, walking, or at airports. But despite buying double or triple strollers to carry them, you can choose a lightweight alternative in the form of glider boards for strollers.

The standing stroller platform is manufactured with high quality, durable materials. That can securely carry the weight of an elder sibling. Moreover, with a comfy ride, it also looks stylish and sleek.

Reasons to buy

  • Storage strap facility
  • Sturdy glide wheels
  • No additional tools for installation
  • No difficulty in cleaning
  • Non slip platform

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable for bumpy or gravel roads
  • Small wheels
  • Limited compatibility

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a perfect tool with a flexible design. It provides ample room for your kid to stand and enjoy the ride.

9. GemonExe Universal 2in1 Stroller Ride Board

GemonExe 2in1 Stroller Ride Board, is a stable and safe accessory for you to give bumbleride. Your child never get tired due to the 2 in 1 sit and stand option. It features an advanced velcro method. through which your child sit comfortably.

The tremendous buggy board, having vast compatibility with lots of prams and buggies. But before you make a solid decision to purchase this, you need to know that your current buggy must have a place to make velcro connection.

The stroller ride onboard significantly features three improvements compared to the glider boards on the list. You can use a velcro connection, rotatory buttons, and two connecting rods for attachment. Therefore any stroller can have this tool to ease their owner in parenting.

Moreover, this glider board has a unique diamond-cut design to prevent skidding. And, its cushion is soft and environmentally friendly.

Reasons to buy

  • Damping wheels
  • Swift installation
  • Adjustable length
  • Comfortable seat
  • Non slip design
  • Storage strap
  • Removable support rod
  • 360-degree steering design

Reasons to avoid

  • Two wheels can reduce the stability
  • The strap is brutal to use

Final Verdict

Overall, it is a good option but for a short time. However, GemonExe Universal 2in1 Stroller Ride Board is reasonably priced and performs two purposes for you.

10. Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Riderme – H3

Last but not least on the score. Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider provides a comfortable seat with back support and a safety belt, so your toddler is safe on the ride. You can relate this stroller scooter board with any stroller with universal connectors.

You just need a couple of minutes to connect this with the rear axle of the stroller and it is attached. Moreover, you can adjust height and width according to your child’s convenience.

This buggyboard maxi has an extra soft-grip handle with a cushioned seat that provides additional safety when crossing gravel roads. Its sturdy frame is related with excellent durability and protection while riding.

Works well with umbrella style and concealed brake style prams.

Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable saddle seat
  • Cushion wheel for a smooth ride
  • board attached with universal connectors
  • Comes with handlebar

Reasons to avoid

  • Large seats may be brutal while pushing the stroller and when to store when not in use
  • Heavy to carry

Final Verdict

Parents can avoid messing around with a double stroller and enjoy a happy travel time. This skateboard is one of the best stroller boards with seat on the go list.

Things to consider before buying a stroller board attachment.

Choosing the bestskateboard stroller attachment is never easy. Whether you are looking for your first child or buying one for your third child, you will want a quality product.

There are many great universal buggy board for strollers available that you can shop. Today I will focus on the 10 Best versatile stroller boards, which are smooth, fantastic and reliable because they can almost attaches with any stroller directly or with the help of adaptors.

Before you buy a stroller board, keep in mind that it should be compatible with the stroller you currently own. To find out if a stroller board model is compatible with your stroller, you can usually review the following key factors:

Weight Limit

There are many models of Glider boards for strollers are made with high-quality material. Because these are designed specifically to carry older siblings, you must notify the maximum weight limit before buying because it dictates your child’s safety.

Most glider boards can carry approximately 50 pounds. That is the average weight of a 4-year-old child. However, you can rarely find a stroller board supporting more than this.

Ease of Use

Some standing boards for strollers are complicated to install. these stroller boards will lead to a headache. you must see the instructions manual before buying. It will help to understand better their connection method and or about the additional tools if required. But we have selected the best stroller boards that are bliss to use, install and fold with the stroller in a few seconds.


Every child’s protection is of significant concern when selecting any baby gear. Therefore always look for the anti-skid surface  or comfortable seat of the buggy boards that you will choose. This will prevent your child from slipping through the panel while crossing the gravel roads.


Super quality glider boards for strollers are manufactured with a combination of excellent plastic, metal and wood. Therefore, the resultant stroller board is sturdy, comfortable and durable for the child.


It is unnecessary to buy a stroller skateboard from the same stroller you have that will fit perfectly. Sometimes, it needs compatible connectors, and mostly you have to accept them separately. So double-check the compatibility with your current stroller.

Wheels and Suspension

The complete suspension system in stroller boards ensures excellent balance, cushion, stable wheels, and ease of rotation. So you must look for this feature if you are an enthusiast of morning or evening walks.


According to an average parent’s needs, the best boogie board stroller in the market are listed above. They are rigid, solid and will help make your life easier.

Without any doubt, you can select any stroller board compatible with your current stroller.

However, these attaches the best stroller boards in almost any position to many strollers. Some mothers often get tired of carrying their babies around in their arms. The best kind of stroller board creates a more convenient bumbler ide scenario for busy moms.

Parents Also Ask

Are buggy boards worth it?

Glider boards for strollers are designed specifically for older siblings at the age of preschool. Using this  model accessory will train them not to jump in the traffic and ride along with the stroller in a confined manner. However, these are not recommended in bad weather or for long walks.

What age is a buggy board for?

Most universal glider boards are for children aged between 2 to 5 years. Because they carry a limited weight that ranges between 45 to 55 pounds.

At what age do toddlers not need a universal stroller and universal stroller board?

Most medical practitioners recommend that your child is out of a pushchair when it reaches up to 3 years. The reason behind this, it will let your baby develop transition muscles, strengthen them and grow their stamina. Thus, walking encourages dynamic behavior and also eliminates the risk of obesity.

Are best stroller boards universal?

Not necessarily, but you can make them with universal adaptors to connect the stroller board to any type of stroller you have.

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